English Honors Program

The English Honors Program offers students the opportunity to complete a substantive capstone research project, working with a faculty advisor. Candidates for admission to the English Honors Program will normally apply during the fall or spring semester of their Junior year. A GPA of 3.5 in the major and 3.0 in non major courses will normally be required, though students deficient here may be accepted into the program on strong faculty recommendation.

Students are encouraged to discuss their research interests with the Honors Program Director before being admitted to the Program, so that the Director, in consultation with the Honors Committee, can recommend appropriate faculty advisors. Even at this early stage students should be prepared to discuss a list of topics, authors, works, genres, or periods from which a suitable Senior Honors Project might be developed.

Honors Program Requirements (pdf)

Please e-mail Professor Raphael Falco if you have additional questions.