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Engineering Management

Course Descriptions


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering - BI*

ENCH 660: Regulatory Issues in Biotechnology [3]

Provides a comprehensive coverage of all steps involved with the regulatory approval process for a biotechnology-derived product. Documentation preparation for IND, NDA, BLA. Pre-clinical safety data, clinical studies, facilities inspection and scientific and regulatory principles.

ENCH 662: Good Manufacturing Practices for Bioprocesses [3]

In-depth coverage of the development and implementation of good manufacturing practices (GMPs) in the biotech industry. Topics include building and facilities, equipment design, utilities, in-process controls, records and adequate process validation.

ENCH 664: Quality Control and Quality Assurance for Biotechnology Products [3]

In-depth coverage of the key issues associated with adequate quality-control systems, assays and stability for novel biotechnology products: quality concepts, product release testing and specifications, in-process testing, product characterization, qualityassurance documentation and audits and vendor certification.

ENCH 666: Biotechnology GMP Facility Design, Construction and Validation [3]

Presents an in-depth discussion of the engineering design of a biotech facility under GMP compliance. Topics covered include bulk plant design, process equipment design, utilities, instrumentation, controls and computerization, facility and software validation.

*A student who completes the chemical/biochemical regulatory engineering concentration will earn the graduate certificate in that area. The individual departments offering these courses may be consulted for further information.