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Engineering Management

Course Descriptions


Chemical Engineering- CH

ENCH 610: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics [3]

Advanced application of the general thermodynamic methods to chemical engineering problems. First- and second-law consequences, estimation and correlation of thermodynamic properties, phase and chemical reaction equilibria.

ENCH 630: Transport Phenomena [3]

Heat, mass and momentum transfer theory from the viewpoint of the basic transport equations. Steady and unsteady state, laminar and turbulent flow, boundary layer theory and mechanics of turbulent transport, with specific application to complex chemical engineering situations.

ENCH 640: Advanced Chemical Reaction Kinetics [3]

The theory and application of chemical reaction kinetics to reactor design. Reaction rate theory, homogeneous batch and flow reactors, fundamentals of catalysis, microbial growth kinetics and enzyme kinetics.

ENCH 682: Biochemical Engineering [3]

Introduction to biochemical and microbiological applications for commercial and engineering processes, including industrial fermentation, enzymology, ultrafiltration, food and pharmaceutical processing and resulting waste treatment. Enzyme kinetics, cell growth, energetics and mass transfer. Prerequisite: ENCH 427 and ENCH 440.