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Engineering Management

Student Testimonials


ENMG 650: Project Management Fundamentals Student Comments:

"Anita's innovative and interesting methods of teaching makes us all learn better. Her approach to each class is so new and refreshing that it makes me look forward to all her lectures."

"It was a fantastic class and I learned a ton about both myself and project management." (ENMG 650 student)

"You have enriched my life so much with all that you have taught us this semester. You taught me that a person can do very well if they commit themselves to more than one thing. I learned a lot about myself and what it is I want to do. I know that as 2009 draws to a near, I look back and reflect all that I have learned in the PM class and life. It has been great being in your class."

"After taking this class I was able to apply my new found knowledge on my job. I was knowledgeable with using Microsoft Project and designing an appropriate schedule. Also I learned about procurement and contracts which is helpful since my company has offices all over the world."


"Today my boss came to my desk and asked me to sign another evaluation form because she raised my score.  She did this because I explained to her how I was leading/coaching the software engineering team that reports to me without formal authority.  I learned in this course to document my accomplishments and challenges and this also gave me an advantage in the evaluation process. I have also become more assertive and I received a 3.5 out of 4 rating on my leadership qualities because of this.  As a result, management asked me if I want to remain an engineer or become a manager. I also shared some of the things I learned in class with her (my boss) over the semester and she said she had been using them and they are working well for her too."

"Thank you for your efforts in teaching this course.  I have found this to be one of the most thought provoking and stimulating courses I have taken.  Believe it or not, I am usually a very reserved person, but the style in which you taught the class and the subjects that were covered allowed me to freely express my views.  I learned a great deal from my classmates as I viewed them as potential personalities that I may have to manage some day.  I look forward to seeing you next semester."

"Immediately after beginning your course I made some realizations about the type of work I was really doing at work and throughout the semester I learned how to build on it.  I finished preparing my annual performance evaluation in mid-November, and I included in the comments section the work I had been doing outside of my job scope, especially leadership and coaching roles hightlighted by technical decision making.  I had also talked with my supervisor in October about the same topic.  Today I had my evaluation, and I found out that my supervisor has me on the list to be promoted to a band 3 engineer next year.  At Northrop Grumman a band 3 is an engineer that has greater understanding of the company, greater leadership and responsibilty roles, and a decision making technical role.  It's a good feeling to know that I am still moving along inside the company.  Without the self reflection provided from your course I don't think I would have been able to communicate these things to my supervisor."

"This class provided many opportunities to build up my confidence level, for example, we were encouraged to express our views in front of everyone. Though I felt very reluctant to express my views in the beginning, as I continued doing so I realized that my fear has diminished."

"I enjoyed your class very much. A class where everyone is required to participate in discussion is exactly what I need. One of my goals, in addition to becoming a better manager and leader, is to become better at thinking on my feet; particularly in front of a crowd. This class will certainly help me achieve that goal."

"As always thanks for the great feedback, you are an excellent coach! I'm grateful that I had an instructor and coach like you. Your efforts did make a difference."

"This was a great class to end my graduate career. I will take the lessons learned from our class discussions with me as I move up in my organization."

"I've already started incorporating things that I have learned in this class into my work life.  I had a meeting with my supervisor yesterday that went very well!"

"My communication is more streamlined and thorough. I try to imagine the ways others might interpret what I'm trying to communicate and I try to clarify before it becomes an issue. Also, I had my first conflict meeting and it was a huge success! I listened to our contractors' complaints, I promised to take some of their constructive criticisms seriously and I communicated some improvements I would make. I was able to manage emotions and I believe one of my team members left the meeting having additional respect for me.  I could go on and on about the successes of implementing what I’ve learned. I have been recommending this class and the ENMG program to everyone that seems to have an interest in improving their management and leadership skills."

"I realized a valuable takeaway from last night's class in reference to aggressiveness and assertiveness. I realize that respect and recognition have been missing in my work group. I can see real value in our management's ideas and changes, but they're not good at establishing a setting of mutual respect when they communicate.  So, their message is being diminished (or lost entirely). I'm eagerly awaiting our discussion on managing our boss and influencing up the chain.  If I move into a position where I'm spending more time with the management tier and I'm consistently using my newly-honed assertive communication skills, can I influence by demonstration? Failing all that, I'm tempted to take my bonus check and enroll the most frequent offenders in a semester of ENMG-652! All kidding aside, your class is definitely making an impact on my professional life.  Thank you."

"Yesterday I used the confidence build up and techniques from your class to communicate with supervisors.  First, I met with the supervisor of my temporary assignment for my review, he gave me very good comments and ratings.  In the afternoon, I met with my other supervisor, which also went extremely well!  I was given the highest rating and offered either a bonus or the coveted QSI (Quality Step Increase).  During both reviews, I was able to speak up and ask for feedback. In developing my objectives for coming year, I asked for clarification, details, etc. and really added my input to the direction that I want to go in the coming year.  Both of my supervisors were very receptive to the two-way conversation and actually thanked me for my feedback and enthusiasm."

"I appreciate the open format of the exam, as I am halfway through.  Often, I posed closed-ended questions resulting in a one answer.  I must say, I am enjoying looking back over the course of the semester and witnessing the changes I have made in my mindset.  I still remember the day I posed a concern with my beliefs related to management and how I felt they conflicted with the curriculum.  Now I look back on the material I have learned in class and the experiences I have shared with my manager and mentor and how I have a much different perspective on things.  I am looking forward to next semester and am eager to see the same level of improvement after completing 654."

"Thanks so much for the detailed feedback on the final exam! Just when I thought the class was over, I learned even more from your comments!  Again, I can't express enough how much I've learned from your classes."

""I wanted to let you know that I had a breakthrough earlier this week, and much of it I can attribute to the change in my leadership/management belief system as a result of your classes"

"Thank you for a wonderful semester!  You are an excellent instructor - by far one of the best I have ever had.  I truly appreciate all of your feedback, energy and advice."

"I appreciate all you've taught me this past year.  I've really seen a transformation in myself."

"I really enjoyed the Project Management Fundamentals course.  This has been a valuable experience.  Both of you are very excellent instructors. I have already started implementing the PM principles at work."

"I just wanted to send a short note to say hello. I'm still employed at the same company, though now handling the everyday leadership and communication challenges much more effectively - thanks in great part to what I learned in your classes [ENGM 652 and ENGM 654]."

"This class has given me so many tools that will last me a lifetime not only in management but with every interaction that I will have with others."

"The PM [Project Management]class help me grow both as a person and professional. Everything
that I learn from this class is applied in my career. It makes me want to
be a good PM as well as a good team member.

"This was a great course [ENMG: Managment, Leadership and Communication]. I am coming out of the course feeling much more confident about speaking up in a public setting, addressing issues with others in a diplomatic way, and being mindful of how to interact with those who work for and with you. I feel the leadership info will help me in the future, and I will always be considering the results of the decisions I make. I’ve already made an attempt to not be negative amongst others when approaching problems, and to speak more respectfully about coworkers to others."