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Editorial staff


Karl Signell

Review Editor

Fredric Lieberman

Assistant Editor, technical


Programming/information design consultant


Assistant Editor, text



Advisory board
Oversees editorial appointments and policy

Dieter Christensen
Editor, ICTM Yearbook
Professor of Music, Columbia University
Robert Garfias
Former President, Society for Ethnomusicology
Professor of Music, University of California/Irvine
Fredric Lieberman
Former editor, Ethnomusicology
Professor of Music, University of California/Santa Cruz
Krister Malm
Director, Musikmuseet (Sweden)
Daniel Neuman
Prof., Ethnomusicology and Executive Vice Chancellor, UCLA
Józef Pacholczyk
Director of Graduate Studies, School of Music, University of Maryland College Park
Jeff Titon
Former editor, Ethnomusicology
Professor of Music, Brown University


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10 June, 2003