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Program Thesis


Many students in the ESOL/Bilingual Program have written theses in fulfillment of their Master's requirements. These have covered diverse issues and reflect the wide range of interests of the program's students. Here are a few of these theses titles:

  • Multicultural Bilingual Education in the United States; Relevance for the Italian Context
  • A Historical Overview of English Language Teaching in Monterrey: The I.T.E.S.M. Case
  • Reinventing Lives: The Stories of Three Refugee Women
  • "Labyrinths of Social Meaning:" The Role of Community Member Attitudes and Perceptions Toward the Adoption of a FLES Program
  • Are Japanese Weak in Grammar, too? -- Japanese Performance on TOEFL Section II, Structure and Written Expression
  • The Changing Face of Sanskrit Education: A Case Study of Traditional Schooling in Varanasi, India (1995)
  • A Minority within A Minority: The Educational Experiences of a Haitian-Creole Student in an American ESOL Classroom
  • Somewhere over the Rainbow: A Pragmatic Approach to Issues of Gay Youth and Sexual Identity in Study Abroad
  • Cultural Practices and the Rights of the Child: The Gambian Experience
  • Teaching Vocabulary Learning Strategies to ESL Learners: A Teacher's Perspective on Pedagogical and Curricular Approaches to Enhancing Vocabulary
  • Teacher "In Progress:" The Story of a First-Year Teacher's Expectations and Classroom Realities
  • Communication Strategies for Conveying Lexical Meaning in the Written Production of Omani EFL Students at Sultan Qaboos University
  • Case Study: A Close Look at a Sheltered Secondary Science Class in a Suburban County School