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Executive Committee for the Recruitment, Retention and Advancement
of Underrepresented Minority Faculty

The committee guides the development and implementation of initiatives to address issues and concerns specifically associated with the hiring, retention, and advancement of minority faculty at UMBC.


Philip Rous, Provost
Tyson King-Meadows, Co-Chair (POLI SCI/ Chair of CAHSS Black Faculty Committee)
Pat McDermott, Co-Chair (Office of the Provost)
Shawn Bediako (PSYC)
Jim Bembry (SOWK)
Mauricio Bustos (BIOL)
Linda Hodges (FDC) ex officio
Anthony Johnson (PHYS/CSEE/CASPR)
Cheryl Miller (POLI SCI/CAHSS)
Autumn Reed (Faculty Diversity Initiatives) ex officio
Tom Robinson (AFST/PSYC)
Ana Maria Schwartz (MLLI/Chair of UMBC Latino/Hispanic Faculty Association)
Sarah Shin (EDUC)

Faculty Attrition:
Tom Robinson
Cheryl Miller
Tyson King-Meadows

Faculty Mentoring:
Ana Maria Schwartz

Anthony Johnson
Mauricio Bustos
Jim Bembry

Postdoctoral Fellows:
Sarah Shin
Shawn Bediako
Mauricio Bustos


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