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New Faculty — Teaching Resources

Welcome to UMBC! This is a great place to begin or to continue your teaching, research, and service career. We at the Faculty Development Center want to do everything we can to make your first years of teaching, research, and service satisfying ones.

Here you'll find material specifically for new faculty as you adjust to new responsibilities and challenges. In particular, we want you to be aware of the FDC list serv,, that provides you with a quick, easy way to request resources and share ideas about teaching with your colleagues as well as the FDC Director. The Director also uses this vehicle as a way to share brief news about opportunities such as workshops and book discussions on teaching and timely suggestions for teaching effectively and efficiently. We encourage you to submit your teaching experiences and suggestions here as well to the Center at or by calling 5-1829.

Tomorrow's Professor Mailing List from Stanford University. This mail list, directed to new faculty and teaching assistants, features some of the best current articles on teaching, learning, professional development, and research practices.

You can subscribe for free to the Teaching Professor blog, a publication of Maryellen Weimer, editor of the Teaching Professor Newsletter. The blog is a brief and thoughtful perspective on teaching practices and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

The Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence at Carnegie Mellon has a wealth of material on teaching and learning, all of it solidly based on research and practice. In particular, look for the Solve a Teaching Problem page, a databank that "provides practical strategies to address teaching problems across the disciplines."

Advice for New Faculty

Everything in Moderation — To get a lot done set some realistic goals, plan ahead, and do it in moderation. . .