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The Faculty Resources page contains links that will assist both new and experienced teachers in improving the way they teach. There are also links teachers can use to direct students to tutoring and learning skills services as well as support for students with disabilities.

See the pages below for more resources:

New Faculty — links, articles, tips, and resources to make your first year easier.

Part-Time Faculty — information you can use, connections you can make.

Teaching Assistants — how to teach and be a student at the same time.

Teachers of Hybrid/Online Courses — tips and resources for designing, managing, and teaching online

Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs)

CATs are simple feedback methods faculty can use to collect feedback, early and often, on how well students are learning what they are being taught....Provide faculty and students with information and insights needed to improve teaching effectiveness and learning order for students to become more independent, successful learners. — Thomas A. Angelo and K. Patricia Cross