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Work Control Center

The helpful staff of Work Control manage the flow of work within Facilities Management, coordinating and documenting the varied requests for services. Work Control personnel expedite work requests and coordinate with the Building Maintenance Shops to determine scheduling and priority levels, after assisting campus customers to identify, clarify and document their requests and issues.

Work Control is responsible for:

- Facilitating customer service requests - over 19,000 work orders were processed this past fiscal year

- Coordinating and monitoring requests for over 15,000 keys

- Coordinating the campus notification of utility outages and service disruptions

- Coordinating emergency and preventive maintenance requests for each campus building

Instructions for creating a Customer Request

  1. Click Button to navigate to AiM login page
  2. Enter your User ID and Password and click the Login button
  3. Upon Login your WorkDesk will be displayed
  4. In the Quick Links Block, click on “Enter Customer Requests”
  5. The Customer Request Screen will appear, click on the New icon to enter a new customer request (Blank page icon)
  6. Your information should automatically populate in the Organization Block and Location Block (If it doesn't, see instructions below for Manually Entering Customer Information) The Customer Request Screen will appear, click on the New icon to enter a new customer request (Blank page icon)
  7. Type your request in the “Description” box, highlighted in red, and include:
    1. Work Requested
    2. Building Name
    3. Room Number
    4. Fund Source (If not using your regular account)
  8. If applicable, enter a “Desired Date” (You can click on the Calendar icon for assistance)
  9. IMPORTANT: Click the Save icon (Disk icon)

You can track the status of your work order through AiM. After the Login takes you to the WorkDesk click either the MY CUSTOMER REQUESTS or the MY DEPARTMENT REQUESTS under Personal Query Listing. AiM will display a list of Work Orders by Transaction Number, with their description and additional useful information.

To place a building, grounds, or utility service request please click here.