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Renovation & Construction

Every year Facilities Management represents the University in a large number of renovation and new construction work on campus. FM staff contract both design and construction services, and typically manages these projects as a representative of our university client.

Project Managers are involved from project conception through design, construction and close-out. Project management staff have professional experience in architecture, landscape architecture, engineering and construction. Our professionalism and experience assures quality service, responsive designs and sustainable solutions - delivered on time and on budget.

UMBC is a campus that is continuously evolving and transforming.

Visit the website for the UMBC Facilities Master Plan Update to understand how the campus has grown, and what is projected in the way of enrollment and growth in buildings and other facilities over the next ten to twenty years.

There are numerous campus renovation, repair, and new construction projects going on throughout the year. Visit the Active Projects webpage to get a sense of the amount of construction currently underway and planned for the campus this year.

Improvements can cause temporary disruptions.

Year-round, projects are being initiated to improve the buildings, utilities and outdoor spaces of the campus. FM works closely with contractors to minimize utility, space and access disruptions to campus users. If you have questions or comments regarding a construction project, please feel free to contact us at 410-455-3219.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, UMBC sets a high standard for performance in its major renovations and new buildings. New buildings, like the Patapsco Hall Addition and the Performing Arts and Humanities Building have been designed and constructed to meet or exceed the LEED Silver rating as established by the US Green Building Council. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating systems provide a measure of green strategies aimed at preventing pollution, reducing waste, and improving indoor environmental quality. The resulting high performance buildings will demonstrate improved energy efficiency and resource conservation, leading to a smaller carbon footprint.



Want to Initiate a Renovation or Construction Project?

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