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Know Your Worth:
The Power of Many

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When we talk with alumni from UMBC’s early days, we are struck to often hear them speak about how UMBC not only taught them what they needed to earn a degree – but what they needed to live their lives in an engaged, active way. For some, all it took was the special attention of an extraordinary teacher. For others, it was the chance brush with another culture that caused a sea change of perspective.

Think about ways UMBC has enriched your life. Now, imagine a university where everyone knew its worth in their lives – and what might happen if each of those people supported it at whatever level they could. Every year.

The results would be phenomenal.

Know Your Worth: The Power of Many
Imagine what we could all do together. You know that every little bit counts, but it becomes even clearer when you see what might be possible if each of UMBC’s more than 50,000 alumni made a gift in support of UMBC’s Annual Fund./

• If every alum gave $10, UMBC would have $500,000 to fund new scholarships, research opportunities, faculty training, and more…
• If every alum gave $15, UMBC would have $750,000…
• If every alum gave $20, UMBC would have $1 million…

What is the Annual Fund?
The purpose of the UMBC Annual Fund is to encourage annual gifts to the University from alumni and friends that will enhance programs in each of UMBC's colleges and beyond.

Annual Fund gifts have an immediate and direct impact on academic and other resources for our students. Because State funds provide less than 25% of the University’s operating budget and tuition and fees alone do not cover the full cost of a UMBC education, these yearly gifts to the University help to keep a UMBC education within reach for our students and families and support the core elements of UMBC’s academic programs.

The Annual Fund runs every year from July 1 to June 30. Please make your gift today. Donors to the Annual Fund are acknowledged in our annual donor honor roll each fall. See last year's Donor Roll.

Who supports the Annual Fund?
Each year, thousands of alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends of the University support the Annual Fund.

Alumni make up the largest share of our Annual Fund donors, and as the University continues to increase its national visibility, alumni support becomes one of the most important factors influencing our national rankings in publications like U.S. News & World Report. Because these rankings are based in part on alumni participation, every alumni gift, regardless of size, is essential to UMBC’s progress. Currently, about 5% of our alumni support the Annual Fund; our goal is to double the percentage of alumni participation in the next five years.

We are extremely proud of and honored by the support we receive from UMBC employees and the families of our students. Every year, family members and employees give enthusiastically. And, in fact, they continue to give throughout their lives—whether it’s the parents who still support the university years after their child graduates or the emeriti or retired faculty and staff who give because they still believe in the work UMBC does.