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Giving His All
Chad Cradock ’97, psychology, knows a little something about commitment. As an alum, UMBC swimming and diving coach and longtime donor, he gives back every day. Read more.

Leaving a Legacy: A Father’s Wisdom
If Jo Anne Sabas ’77 could give you a piece of advice, she’d pass along something her father, Captain Samuel Joseph Sabas, once said to her: “You can lose your job, you can lose your home, you can even lose your health, but when you earn a college degree it can never be taken away from you.” Read more.

A Passion For Teaching
Teachers - for all they do - so often fly under the radar, inspiring students to succeed while taking little credit for themselves. The late UMBC biology professor Carl Weber was one of those teachers. His legacy, however, will ensure that excellence in teaching at UMBC will be recognized and nurtured. Read more.

Shaping Our Sons and Daughters
Few days in a person’s life that are truly unforgettable; others we carry with us for our entire lives. In a way, Edie Windsor and Fizza Gulamali-Majid share just such a moment – the days they found out their children had been accepted into the Meyerhoff Scholars Program at UMBC. Read more.

Making Her Mark
When Leslie Walker-Wilson ’74 and ’76 M.A., psychology, recalls her days as a student at UMBC, she thinks of the gorgeous plot of land the University sits on and taking 8 a.m. classes to ensure that she could get a good parking space—memories that even the newest UMBC students will share. Read more.

Black and Gold: The Colors of Student Success
College life can be hectic; for Sam Wilson, it’s a downright race to the finish. Between running laps for the UMBC track team and managing a 17-credit course load, the last thing the junior geography and environmental systems major wants to think about is how he’d ever squeeze a part-time job into his already packed schedule. That’s why he feels especially fortunate to be a Black and Gold Scholar at UMBC. Read more.

Living and Learning: 24-7
In a way, the eighth floor commons room of Harbor Hall is like an all-hours faculty lounge. There, future educators gather between classes – as well as in the wee hours of the night in pajamas – drinking coffee and discussing questions, expectations and frustrations about teaching. This is the “Aspiring Teachers Floor” – one of UMBC’s nine Living Learning Communities, an initiative directly supported by contributions to the UMBC Annual Fund – a place where education happens 24-7. Read more.

Success at the Highest Level
Dr. Adia Garrett ’08, Ph.D. psychology, is quite familiar with ways of measuring success. While a doctoral student at UMBC, Garrett studied the effectiveness of standardized tests used by elementary schools to chart student progress. She also understands that her own success as a graduate student was the result of more than plain hard work. Thanks to UMBC Annual Fund’s Graduate Student Success Fund, Garrett received a financial boost that helped her complete her doctorate faster than she originally expected. Read more.

A Special Bond: Tailoring Scholarships
On a recent weekday afternoon, junior Jayneé Jones met Anita Maddox Jackson ’80 for lunch at the Skylight Room at UMBC. The two greeted each other as friends not only because Jones is the grateful recipient of a scholarship endowed by Jackson, but because of the background and interests they share. Both women grew up on the Eastern Shore and both study - or in the case of Jackson, studied - health administration and policy at UMBC. It’s a match made in scholarship heaven. Read more.

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