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Donor Question and Answer

Why do you support UMBC? Some do it out of pride, others to help future students. Some want to acknowledge a particular professor, others hope to improve an athletic team. We hope you enjoy reading about some of the many ways UMBC has touched its donors – and that you’ll share your own giving story with us!

Jeremy Robbi ’00, M.A. Sociology
Gift supports the Department of Sociology

This was my first gift to the university. Every bit helps and also keeps costs down for future students.

Lou Weber ’89 Economics
Gift supports Men’s Basketball

I am extremely proud of the university and I designate my support to the men's basketball program in the hopes they will have the resources for continued success on and off the court.

Nancy Malloy ’70, ’75 M.S. Biological Sciences and UMBC Parent
Gift supports the UMBC Annual Fund

I was in the very first graduating class. What an extraordinary opportunity! Everything was new and an adventure. I received both my bachelor and master degrees from UMBC and both of my children are also graduates. UMBC has an important place in my life.

Ted Musiker ’97 Mathematics
Gift supports the UMBC Annual Fund

I had a business degree, but it was not until many years later that I went to UMBC for a math degree. It was there that I really enjoyed learning and thinking creatively. The professors really do care about the students and encourage them to think outside of the box to solve problems. And after all, isn't that what everyone is faced with in our everyday lives? Problems to solve and overcome? This is why I enjoy giving support to [UMBC.]

Julia McCrossin ’04 English
Gift supports the Department of English

Because UMBC made a huge difference in my life, and I want to support the department at UMBC that makes so many people's lives richer. I think education is the most important gift we give ourselves, and I think UMBC does an excellent job of helping students gain more knowledge.

Lanah Koelle ’07 Ancient Studies,
’09 M.L.S. Library and Information Technology
Gift supports the Department of Ancient Studies

It is the right thing to do and even the smallest amount helps. I don't make much money, but I try to spend in ways that help shape the world into a better place. I was so impressed by how supportive the Ancient Studies department was for students, both academically and financially. There were so many opportunities and I hope future classics students will have the same opportunities I and my peers had to travel abroad, participate in archaeological digs, etc.

Megan McCrory ’07 Chemical Engineering
Gift supports the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

UMBC gave me the needed skills to start a successful career. I went on a full scholarship and otherwise would not have been able to attend, so I'd like to give a bit back to the school that gave a lot to me!

Millette Green ’03 Sociology
Gift supports UMBC Athletics

My favorite memory of my time at UMBC was making a historical run to the NEC Women's Basketball Conference Championships in 2003. We did not win the championship game but we set the expectations for the future teams at UMBC…UMBC prepared me for the real world. The university created a diverse community, challenged me academically and instilled in me the necessary discipline to be successful. It is always important to give back to whatever helped you to become the person that you are. My motivation to give to UMBC is to help the next person have the same experiences I once had.

Karen Lewis Law ’97 American Studies, ’02 M.A. Education Policy
Gift supports the Department of American Studies

UMBC, especially the faculty in the American Studies department, inspired me to become a better scholar and better citizen. I want to give back to them as much as I can.

Dan Goodwin ’98 Health Science and Policy
Gift supports UMBC Ice Hockey

I played ice hockey for UMBC and it was very important to my college experience. I want to make sure current students are able to continue competing for a National title. UMBC provided me with a foundation that has led me to success in my career and in life. Supporting UMBC is an opportunity for me to continue giving back to the hockey program and the University. This is my way to continue having a positive impact.

Rusty Eder ’98 History
Gift supports the Department of History

I returned to education in my 40s to become a history teacher. In my time at UMBC I met extremely gifted and thoughtful teachers who gave me the foundation I needed to do my work. It matters to me to try and help others share my experiences.

Harriet Douglas, UMBC Parent
Gift supports the UMBC Annual Fund

UMBC is giving my daughters a wonderful education and terrific opportunities. I believe we need to give back to organizations that are doing good work. The quality of the educational experience available to students at UMBC needs to be supported by parents because state funding and income from billing are not enough to sustain the programs and scholarships that are so necessary to offer the excellent educational experiences UMBC students deserve.

Prakash Lakkur, UMBC Parent
Gift supports the Meyerhoff Scholars Program

UMBC has done and is doing so much for my kids. UMBC prepared my daughter Sindhu to attend Emory University with full funding for her Ph.D. She was also accepted at Harvard. That shows how well UMBC prepares its students.