Application Status

Q. How do I find out whether all of my application materials have been received?

A. Since the Graduate School transmits all materials to the program for which you've applied, please:

  1. Allow a few weeks for the processing and transmittal to take place. (Please note that since most materials are submitted during December and January, you may need to add a few weeks if you are checking during that time.)
  2. Contact the staff in the program for which you have applied to see if all of the materials have arrived.
  3. If you find that any materials are missing, the graduate program staff will communicate directly with the Graduate School.

Q. How do I find out whether an admission decision has been made yet?

A. Please contact the staff in the program to which you have applied. They can give you information about when the program's Admissions Committee will be meeting next and when you should be receiving notification about your application.