The University of Maryland, Baltimore County Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Style Guide

2007 Edition

This Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Style Guide is intended to assist you in the preparation of your Master's Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation, in most cases the final requirement for your degree. The Graduate School at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County maintains specific requirements as to the format and appearance of its Theses and Dissertations; such requirements assure a standard of uniformity and aesthetic consistency commensurate with the rigorous academic principles of the University. In previous years, these formatting requirements were determined primarily by the restrictions associated the process of printing and binding the documents for publication. Theses and Dissertations completed in accredited Masters and Doctoral programs are published by Proquest through an exclusive arrangement with the Library of Congress. These documents are also published electronically by Special Collections at AOK library, a free online archive of research done by members of the University community.

The flexibility of electronic publishing fast becoming the standard for Theses and Dissertations enables the Graduate School to determine its own standards, independent of the printing process. This guide will assist you in creating a Thesis or Dissertation that conforms to those standards. Since January 2007, through an arrangement with Proquest, the University of Maryland, Baltimore County has accepted Theses and Dissertations primarily in electronic format. Under this arrangement, students submit an electronic version of their Thesis or Dissertation (hereafter referred to as the Thesis) directly to Proquest via the World Wide Web. Officials from UMBC will then review the document online and request revisions if necessary. This electronic process is the standard submission procedure for UMBC theses; the Graduate School will no longer accept hardcopy thesis or dissertation documents except in special circumstances at the discretion of the Dean of the Graduate School. Complete submission procedures are located under the "Submitting your document" section.