Submitting Your Document

The Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Process

The University of Maryland, Balitmore County has entered into an agreement with Proquest to accept Theses and Dissertations electronically via the World Wide Web. Following the guidelines in this Style Guide, you will be able to produce a document that is appropriate for submission to the University.

To begin the process of Electronic Submission of your thesis or dissertation, double check that your electronic file is in the proper format (Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, or Adobe PDF), and that it conforms to the appearance standards set forth in this Style Guide.

You may only begin this process AFTER YOUR DEFENSE HAS BEEN COMPLETED AND YOUR DIRECTOR / COMMITTEE HAS SUBMITTED THE REPORT OF THE EXAMINING COMMITTEE TO THE OFFICE OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL. You may not submit a draft thesis / dissertation to the ETD system; the document you submit must be identical to the one you successfully defended. Any thesis / dissertation document submitted before the receipt of the Report of the Examining Committee will not be evaluated by the editors.

When you have completed the formatting of your document and confirmed the submission of the Report of the Examining Committee, visit the Proquest Dissertation submission site:

From the list of Graduate Schools on the Proquest site, select University of Maryland Baltimore County. You will then be directed to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County section of the Proquest site, which will have some thesis-related resources, including a copy of this Style Guide. Near the top of the page, you will see a button that says “submit your dissertation. Click this, and it will lead you to a logon page. If you have signed up for a Proquest account before, enter the logon ID and password you received. If you are signing in for the first time, click the “Sign up now link, and you will be prompted to create an account.

Once you have created your account, login. Follow the directions on the site and enter the requisite information about yourself and your dissertation. This will include entering the Abstract and accompanying information into the given form (cutting and pasting from a Word Processing program is acceptable).

To upload your dissertation, click Browse under Full Text of the Submission. This will open an explorer window on your local computer. Select the electronic file of your dissertation (in Word, RTF or PDF format), and click Open. This will put the filename in the “Browse window.

Complete the Notes to the Administrator (for any problems / concerns) and Copyright section (If you would like to request a copyright there is a fee associated with this.

When you have completed the submission page, click Submit to send your thesis / dissertation to Proquest.

Once you have submitted your thesis / dissertation, Proquest will do the following: 1.) it will generate a PDF file of the text of the thesis / dissertation, and 2.) it will (via email) notify you and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County Graduate School that the PDF is ready to be reviewed.

The Graduate School will then review the PDF file online for format, legibility, etc.; if all standards have been met, and all required fees and paperwork have been submitted, the University will accept the thesis and release it to Proquest for publication. If the University's standards have not been met, the University will request that the student revise the thesis and resubmit. At the conclusion of the submission and revision process, Proquest will then print and bind a hard copy of the thesis document for inclusion in the University of Maryland, Baltimore County's library collection.

Once the thesis is released to Proquest for publication, a copy of your electronic document is also inserted into the Special Collections at the AOK Library, which can be viewed here.


The Graduate School maintains deadlines for submission of Theses and Dissertations for each academic term. Students must BEGIN the submission process, i.e., submit their first version of their document (prior to any Graduate-School requested corrections), before the stated deadline to qualify for graduation in a given semester. Those students who fail to submit before the deadline, but who submit before the first day of the subsequent academic term, will not be required to register for classes for that term in order to graduate.


ProQuest UMI New Dissertations Publishing Fee Structure

Submission Method Fee Beginning 9/27/2010
Using UMI ETD Administrator No Fee
Using FTP Delivery and/or CD/DVD $25/PhD or MA
Using Paper Delivery $65 (PhD), $55 (MA)

If you want your Thesis or Dissertation copyrighted through Proquest, you can do this during the submission process, using a credit card at a cost of $65.00. Most students opt to have their work copyrighted through Proquest. You may also choose to copyright your work yourself, through the Library of Congress. Please see for more information.