Funding Opportunities

Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT):
Water in the Urban Environment

UMBC’s NSF IGERT award supports the establishment of a multidisciplinary Ph.D. program in “Water in the Urban Environment” at UMBC, involving 32 faculty from nine departments and six partner institutions. Solutions to the complex problems associated with the effect of urbanization on the water cycle require integrated ecological, economic and engineering approaches, as well as innovations in policy-making. This program will train a generation of Ph.D. students who understand these linkages and are prepared to work in multidisciplinary teams to improve understanding and management of urban environmental systems. The program takes advantage of the presence at UMBC of the field headquarters of the Baltimore Ecosystem Study, one of two urban sites in the NSF Long Term Ecological Research network; partnerships with public agencies nonprofits and private consultants; and the proximity of Baltimore to the Chesapeake Bay, an important coastal ecosystem severely affected by urban land use change.

Director: Dr. Claire Welty
UMBC Department of Environmental Engineering