Credits Needed for Defining Full-Time Status for Graduate Students

Effective Summer 2009

Effective with the Summer 2009 semester, full-time and part-time status will be determined by the number of credits for which the student is registered. The credit loads associated with full- and part-time status are given below.

Status Minimum Course Registration
Full-time 9 credits
Part-time 1-8 credits
Eligible for financial aid 6 credits
Eligible to defer federal loans 6 credits
Research Courses Registration and Billing Rates Graduation Requirements
Master's thesis research (799) 2-9 credits (billed at 1/2 rate) 6 credits
Doctoral pre-candidacy research (898) 3-9 credits (billed at 1/3 rate) --
Doctoral candidacy research (899) 9 credits (billed at 2/9 rate) 18 credits

A graduate assistant must be registered as a full-time student. GA credits that account for the education-related workload for the assistantship are assigned in the amount indicated below at the time tuition remission is processed by the Graduate School.

Graduate Assistantships Minimum Course Registration GA Credits
Full-time (20 hours/week) 4 credits 5 credits
Half-time (10 hours/week) 6 credits 3 credits