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Please note that this page is under construction. We are documenting the 240-node cluster maya that will be available after Summer 2014. Currently, the 84-node cluster tara still operates independently, until it becomes part of maya at the end of Summer 2014. Please see the 2013 Resources Pages under the Resources tab for tara information.
Performance and Effectiveness of Urban Green Infrastructure: Maximizing Benefits at the Subwatershed Scale through Measurement, Modeling, and Community-Based Implementation
Claire Welty, PI, Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering, UMBC
Elvis Andino, Graduate Research Assistant, Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering, UMBC

This project will demonstrate the performance of green infrastructure (GI) technologies in combined sewer overflow areas while taking into account costs and benefits. Community partners will be consulted to ensure engagement at each step of the adoption and evaluation process. Calibrating a subsurface flow model and studying systems on a sub-watershed level will produce valuable results which will be integrated into transferrable policy tools.