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HPCF Account Request Form

All accounts in the UMBC High Performance Computing Faculty (HPCF) are set up under a principal investigator (PI). A PI must ordinarily be a regular faculty member of UMBC. All accounts of members of research groups must be sponsored by a PI. Therefore, to set up an account for a group member who is not the PI, both the member and the PI must have accounts created for them, and both must submit account request forms for themselves. Each form must select the appropriate Role in Research Project below and supply information in one of the following boxes.

While addresses at UMBC can be abbreviated, account request forms must supply complete contact information. It is sufficient if one form per research project supplies the information on project title and abstract.

Do not hesitate to contact the chair of the user committee for help with the account request process.

Fields marked with an asterisk (∗) are required.

The contact information at the top of this form is used to track incoming requests, and should represent the person who is submitting the form. If you are a PI and wish to sponsor another user, please put your own information at the top of this form, and list any users you wish to sponsor in the highlighted section below. This will help to prevent delays in account approval.

Name of the person submitting this form (∗)

UMBC Username of the person submitting this form (∗)
Users must have a UMBC account before applying for an HPCF account, since the same authentication is used.

Email (∗)
This e-mail address will be used to for all contacts about the machine and its use. You are required to monitor this e-mail address regularly and to respond to requests.

Position/Title (∗)


Department/Unit (∗)

Affiliation/Company (∗)

Phone Number (∗)

Address (∗)

Role in Research Project (∗):

If you are a member of a research group, specify the name and contact information of the account sponsor. Your sponsor must submit this form, as well, to request the account.

Account Sponsor Name

Account Sponsor Department/Unit

Account Sponsor E-mail

Account Sponsor Phone Number

If you are an account sponsor, please specify the full names and UMBC usernames of all sponsored accounts (required to create accounts)

Names and Usernames

All projects using the facility must submit a title and abstract to be posted in the list of projects using this machine. Please supply title, abstract, and list of people affiliated with the project below. See the list of projects on the HPCF webpage for examples. If you have more than one project, e-mail the information about the additional projects to the chair of the user committee, Matthias K. Gobbert.

Title of Research Project


People Affiliated with the Project with Departmental and Institutional Affiliations

The goal of HPCF is to direct users to the most appropriate resource available at UMBC. To this end, it is important for us to understand your needs and plans. Please explain your computational needs and expected level of usage of yourself and members of your research group. We ask these questions in order to plan usage of the machine as well as possible and to inform you if this is not the right machine or its available space is not suitable for your needs. Some sample questions include: How long does your code run? How much memory does your code require? How much disk space will you need to store data and results?

Other Comments
Please use the following field for comments or special requests for your account that do not fit into any other category. For instance, if you rent Unix Research Space from OIT and would like this linked, you can request this here.

This facility is a shared resource and relies on all users to be communicative, to be responsible users, to adhere to the usage policies, and to help maintain and expand this facility. Therefore, you must check the following box for this application to be considered:
∗ I have read and agree to the usage policies (opens in new window) in effect currently as well as at any time in the future. I understand that the usage policies need to be modified over time in response to developments and usage patterns