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How to run COMSOL
COMSOL is installed on maya, but we have not come up with the best way to execute it yet. The complication is that the way in which COMSOL is run has just changed due to a lawsuit between MathWorks (the makers of Matlab) and the COMSOL Group. Contact our support personnel if you want more information.

For more information about the software itself, see Comsol Multiphysics

Before using COMSOL, the appropriate module must be loaded.

[araim1@maya-usr1 ~]$ module load comsol
[araim1@maya-usr1 ~]$

Display issue

If having trouble with the display of COMSOL in the plotting area, possibly the graphical rendering setting is not correct. Go to the menu "Options", "Preferences", then the "Graphics" tab. Change rendering from "OpenGL" to "software".