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Benefits Updates

Information and Resources for Understanding the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Benefits Update - Same Sex Spouse Benefits - 7/2013

New Young Adult Dependent Child Expansion of Coverage - 7/1/11

Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Notice

CHIP Acknowledgement of Receipt

Same Sex Spouse Eligibility

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Benefit Information

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Benefits Summaries
Nonexempt Staff Summary
Exempt Staff and 12-Month Faculty Summary
9 Month Faculty Summary



Benefit Information
General Health Benefits
State of Maryland Employee Benefits Division Web site
Plan Year 2014 State of Maryland Benefits Booklet
Employees and Retirees Rate Sheet Plan Year 2014
ORP Rates Plan Year 2014
Payroll Deduction Schedule January 2014 - December 2014
ORP Retiree Health Benefits Handbook - Hired Before or On June 30, 2011
ORP Retiree Health Benefits Handbook - Hired On or After July 1, 2011
Post Tax/Imputed Income Rates for Domestic Partners and Same Sex Spouses Plan Year 2014
Contractual/Cobra/Lawp Rates Plan Year 2014
Privacy Notice for Employees with State Health Benefits
HIPAA Authorization Form
Affidavit for Dependent Eligibility and Tax Status
Enrollment Worksheets
Plan Year 2014 Health Benefit Enrollment Worksheets
Regular Employee PDF  
Contractual/COBRA/LAW PDF  
Retiree PDF  


ORP Retiree Forms Packet

Benefit Forms


Dental Benefits
United Concordia - Schedule Of Benefits
Life Insurance
UNUM Term Life Highlights Sheet
Long Term Disability Insurance
UNUM Long Term Disability Insurance Highlight Sheet
Flexible Spending Accounts
Flexible Spending Account Administrator
Tuition Remission
Tuition Remission
General Benefits Information
Employee Orientation Manual



Retirement Information
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Funds Announcement
Retirement Vendor Contact Information
Comparison of Pension System & Optional Retirement Program
State Retirement and Pension System Benefits Handbooks
Optional Retirement Program Performance Report September 2013
ORP/SRA Plan Investment Fund Options (Effective 9/14/2012)
Supplemental Retirement Account (SRA)
Information & Forms
Financial Counseling Sessions Schedule
Benefit Calculators/Estimators
Maryland State Retirement and Pension System Online Benefit Estimators
Social Security Benefits Calculators
Maryland State Retirement Agency

Pre-Retirement Seminar
MSRA Retirement Counseling Schedule at Various Locations
Mentor Newsletter from the State Pension System
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Winter 2013



Employee Information
Employee of the Quarter Program
2014 Holiday Leave Schedule
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)



Employee Discounts
Check out available employee discounts





Contact the Benefits Staff



Links to Other Sites

Please be advised that the information outlined on the vendor websites listed below is not all inclusive of the benefits offered to State of Maryland/University employees. For specific information regarding the services offered to State of Maryland/University employees, please contact the Benefits Staff


Health Providers
AETNA Health
Carefirst/Blue Cross Blue Shield
United Healthcare

Prescription Plan
Express Scripts, Inc.

Dental Providers
United Concordia (DHMO, DPPO)

State of Maryland
State of Maryland Employee Benefits Division

Long Term Care Plan
The group name is "maryland" and the password is "marylandltc").

Mental Health/Substance Abuse Plan

APS Healthcare, Inc.

Company Code for State of Maryland Employees and Retirees: Enter SOM2002


Retirement Plans
Maryland State Retirement Agency (MSRA)
MSRP-Nationwide (fomerly PEBSCO)

Credit Union
State Employees Credit Union (SECU)

Flexible Spending Account Administration

Life Insurance
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.
Note: Company name is State of Maryland

Minnesota Life - effective 7/1/13

UNUM Life Insurance Company

Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.

Note: Company name is State of Maryland

Minnesota Life - effective 7/1/13