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Announcing the
Employee of the Quarter Recipients

April - June 2014

Previous Employee of the Quarter Recipients

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The Employee of the Quarter Program recognizes the outstanding qualities and contributions of employees towards departmental and UMBC's goals and mission.


The Employee of the Quarter will receive:

A check for $500

A special employee parking space

One day of administrative leave

A certificate

His/her name on a plaque located on the fifth floor of the Administration building

Invitation to the annual Service Award Ceremony for all the recipients of the quarterly award

Requirements of Award Recipients:

Must have been employed at UMBC for at least 2 years
Must be Regular or Contingent II (contractual) status
Must be an Exempt or Nonexempt employee
Must have made contributions to his/her department/UMBC

To Nominate an Employee:

Complete the Employee of the Quarter Nomination Form and submit it to the Department of Human Resources located on the 5th floor of the Administration building. Anyone may nominate an employee. Nomination forms may be submitted at any time.

The next Employee of the Quarter will be selected for July.
Deadline for nomination forms is June 13, 2014.

The Process:

The Employee of the Quarter Committee will meet on a quarterly basis throughout the year. The committee will assure that the nominee meets all of the basic requirements. The committee will consider the following contributing qualities when making the award selection:

longevity and performance
contributions to the UMBC community
contributions to his or her department
contributions to the outside community
awards or recognition received

Show your appreciation and acknowledge an outstanding employee by nominating him/her for the Employee of the Quarter Award!