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April - June 2013

Employee of the Quarter
Award Recipients

Michele Kimery
Linda Thomas

The Department of Human Resources would like to congratulate Michele Kimery and Linda Thomas on receiving this honor.

Michele Kimery, Executive Administrative Assistant for the Department of Human Resources, has been named UMBC’s Nonexempt Employee of the Quarter effective April 1 thru June 30, 2013. Michele began her career at UMBC in June 2001 as an Administrative Assistant I for Financial Services. She was promoted through the years and worked in the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance and the Office of the President. Michele moved to the Department of Human Resources in October 2007.

Michele was nominated by Sara Shannon, Human Resources Associate, and Ronald Harvilicz, File Room Associate, for the Department of Human Resources. Ronald accounts that, “As a leader, Michele stands second to none in the department. When there remains something important to be done, Michele is immediately at the forefront of the task at hand with plans in hand and the unfaltering dedication to completing the task with the utmost thought and care, no matter how extensive the work may be. A prime example of this leadership can be seen every year with the settling of the specific details surrounding the procurement of materials and awards for the Services Awards Ceremony held during Fall semester. For Michele, the preparation of the Service Awards Ceremony is not a mere obligatory task to be completed but instead something to take pride in, to improve upon using criticism taken from the year prior, and her own new and unique angles on the existing plans to create something truly special. As a Supervisor, Michele is thoughtful, manages to properly direct those under her watch when needed, and most importantly allows these same individuals under her to shine when they have something to offer. Michele importantly listens to her employees, and treats them as she would expect to be treated herself among these employees, not placing herself above her subordinates simply due to title, but rather instead places herself among these employees, interacting with them, watching them, and learning from them.”

Sara Shannon says, “Even though Michele’s official title is Executive Administrative Assistant, she truly acts as an office manager for the entire Department of Human Resources. Michele is the payroll preparer for HR. She also maintains the budget and inventory for the department.

Linda Thomas, Program Assistant for the Graduate School, has been named UMBC’s Exempt Employee of the Quarter effective April 1 thru June 30, 2013. Linda began her service for the University System of Maryland in 1976. She came to UMBC in February 1997 as an Administrative Assistant II for the Graduate School. Upon numerous additions to her responsibilities, she was promoted to Program Management Specialist I for the Graduate School in April 1997, and then to her current position in July 2007.

Linda was nominated by Lisa P. Morgan, Director for the Graduate School. Lisa stated that, “Ms. Thomas is fondly referred to as the ‘Graduation Lady’. She is responsible for clearing Master’s Degree seeking students for graduation which involves contact with the students, faculty, and staff. Her communication skills are excellent and she treats colleagues and students with much grace and respect.”

“Ms. Thomas worked with other Graduate School staff to create an e-newsletter to notify the graduating students about commencement. This newsletter replaces an email which usually went out with several attachments, and has made it easier to distribute information regarding commencement.”

Lisa also emphasized that, “Ms. Thomas was recently recognized for 35 years of service with the State of Maryland. She is a remarkably dedicated employee.” Linda’s win came just in time for graduation season. As some of the students she has worked with are celebrating their graduation, Linda was able to share that excitement with her own accomplishment as Employee of the Quarter. The Graduate School staff made the surprise announcement during a staff meeting.  Linda was thrilled to learn she had been selected as Employee of the Quarter and looks forward to parking in the special EOQ spot.

Each recipient will receive a check for $500, a special parking space, one day of administrative leave, a certificate, his/her name on the Employee of the Quarter plaque and an invitation to the annual Service Award Ceremony for all the recipients.

Human Resources offers special thanks to everyone that nominated an employee for the award. Previous nominations received will be eligible for consideration for one year from the date received. The next Employee of the Quarter recipients will be selected in April.

Learn how to nominate an employee that you feel is deserving of this award for the next quarter.

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