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January - March 2014

Employee of the Quarter
Award Recipients

Joan Allen
Barbara Morris

The Department of Human Resources would like to congratulate Joan Allen and Barbara Morris on receiving this honor.

Joan Allen, Program Management Specialist for the Career Services Center, has been named UMBC's Non-Exempt Employee of the Quarter for January, 2014. Joan began her career at UMBC in 1999 working as an Administrative Assistant I for the Career Services Center (CSC) and has advanced in her career over the past fourteen years to her current position that she had achieved in July of 2007.

Joan was nominated for this award by Caroline Baker, Assistant Vice President, Careers and Corporate Partnerships for the CSC; and by Sue Plitt, Associate Director for the Career Services Center. Baker says, “Joan is a self-directed professional who handles a quantity of work that for most would be overwhelming. The ultimate multi-tasker, Joan fluidly manages the many facets of her job. She is responsible for start to finish coordination of the entire on campus recruitment program which includes dozens of information sessions and on campus interviews each semester.  Joan’s position is one where detail is critical and she manages details meticulously.  She prides herself on customer service and ensures that her work is accurate and high quality. Joan does all this with an incredible number of interruptions throughout the day and rarely skips a beat.”

Sue Plitt says, “Joan frequently offers creative and strategic suggestions to employers and the CSC staff in an effort to improve the campus recruitment process and improve streamline departmental procedures.  Joan works hard to represent CSC as a helpful, valuable, and professional resource for students and employers. Joan has a high standard and level of commitment to the quality of customer service offered by the Career Services Center and works diligently to ensure that our customer’s needs are met. Joan is able to anticipate an employer’s needs and goes above and beyond to assist them. Employer evaluations from the campus recruitment program consistently rate the service as excellent. This is a result of Joan’s attention to detail and the personal care offered.”

A surprise announcement was made during the CSC holiday party.  Joan was surprised and excited to learn that she had been selected as the Employee of the Quarter.  She was officially presented her award on January 14, 2014 at a CSC staff meeting. Everyone congratulated Joan and enjoyed scrumptious breakfast treats.

Barbara Morris, Coordinator of Special Projects and Events for the Department of Information Systems, has been named UMBC's Exempt Employee of the Quarter for January, 2014. Barbara began her career at UMBC in September of 1992 working as a Secretary. She received several promotions over her twenty-one years in service to UMBC and began her current position 2005.

Barbara had been nominated by Andrea Lorick, Business Service Specialist of the Department of Information Systems. Lorick says, “Barbara is held in high esteem by her past colleagues as well as the current faculty and staff in our Department. Barbara is responsible for the overall management of several areas in the Department which includes, but is not limited to, fiscal management, administration, graduate and PhD programs. No matter how busy Barbara is, she will immediately stop what she is doing to answer a question for a coworker or student.”
“Barbara is truly dedicated to the students of the Information Systems Department”, says Lorick.  “It is not unusual for her to address several graduate and undergraduate students in one day, no problem is too small.  Barbara was able to jump in when the Shriver Center was seeking a department to hire a student with special needs.  The student is working under Barbara’s mentorship.” 

“Some of the other staff members have stated that working directly with Barbara is a pleasurable experience not only because of her upbeat nature but equally because of her level of professionalism.  Barbara strives in a manner to bring about fast, thorough resolution to many complex issues both internally and externally.  To draw an analogy, Barbara is like a juggler who consistently keeps all the balls in the air. Barbara offers a single exception to this analogy though, in that she often exceeds it, seemingly juggling with knives instead, and does it flawlessly day in and day out.”

Barbara also gives back to the UMBC community that has given her so much, in the most fundamental of fashions, as a part time instructor at the English Language Institute. Barbara gladly reaches out to students, UMBC’s most precious commodity, through the ELI, and does so with a certain grace alongside the tasks of her primary Coordinator position.

“When I hear that UMBC is ‘exceptional by example’, my immediate reaction is that Barbara Morris embodies this philosophy and approaches her work in the same manner with all UMBC audiences, with a level of professionalism and energy worthy of this award.”

Barbara was presented her award on January 16, 2014. She was pleased and honored to be selected as EOQ. Her colleagues gathered to congratulate Barbara enjoy a delightful celebratory cake.

Each recipient will receive a check for $500, a special parking space, one day of administrative leave, a certificate, his/her name on the Employee of the Quarter plaque and an invitation to the annual Service Award Ceremony for all the recipients.

Human Resources offers special thanks to everyone that nominated an employee for the award. Previous nominations received will be eligible for consideration for one year from the date received. The next Employee of the Quarter recipients will be selected in April.

Learn how to nominate an employee that you feel is deserving of this award for the next quarter.

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