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July - September 2013

Employee of the Quarter
Award Recipients

Tony Finneran
Patty McGonigle

The Department of Human Resources would like to congratulate Tony Finneran and Patty McGonigle on receiving this honor.

Tony Finneran, Specialist for the Division of Information Technology, has been named UMBC’s Exempt Employee of the Quarter effective July 1, 2013, thru September 30, 2013. Tony began his career at UMBC in January of 2001, as an IT Specialist in the Graduate School and later transferred to the Division of Information Technology.

Tony was nominated by Stacy Long, Assistant Director, Business Systems Group, for the Division of Information Technology. Stacy states “Tony’s reputation precedes him in the end-user community. Everyone for whom Tony has resolved issues or created modifications for, has only high praise for his customer service and level of commitment to resolving system issues quickly, and completing projects on time. He resolves a large number of tickets due to his vast functional understanding of the system and his exceptional analytical abilities.  He is always focused and efficient.  He does exceptional work, above what is expected, and does it with an exceptional attitude”.

Tony’s acute ability to quickly develop skills, and adapt to whatever task his position may bring him, was also highlighted by Stacy. Stacy explains, “Tony has also been taking on more lead responsibilities, along with development, on grants related initiatives, i.e. the new retro process. He has been instrumental in moving ahead with Financial Services on the grants to general ledger reconciliation effort”.

Tony’s award, to his utter surprise and pleasure, was presented to him on July 17, 2013, at a special celebration dedicated to his achievement. A positively delightful time was had, amongst delectable treats, and good friends.


Patty McGonigle, Business Services Specialist for the Department of Education has been named UMBC’s Non-Exempt Employee of the Quarter effective July 1, 2013 thru September 30, 2013. Patty joined UMBC in July 1992 as an Office Secretary for the Maryland Institute for Policy Analysis & Research.  She was promoted through the years working in the Department of Chemistry and the Hilltop Institute before moving to her current position in 2005.  

Patty’s nomination was submitted by Marta Seres, Department Manager, on behalf of the Department of Education. Marta states, “At a faculty meeting we discussed nominating Patty for this honor and everyone agreed whole-heartedly. Many full-time faculty, adjunct professors, retired faculty and graduate students contributed supporting remarks for Patty’s nomination.  Patty is knowledgeable, skillful, professional, reliable, friendly, and courteous. She is always willing to help and has a great sense of humor”.

Dr. Saunders states, “I constantly marvel at how Patty does so many things so well for so many people with such grace.  I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but it is clear to me that she is a department and campus treasure and deserves to be acknowledged as such”.
Dr. Singer also praises Patty’s work ethic, noting, “Patty handles all of the budget information for the NOYCE and INSPIRES grants. Whenever I need info for annual reports she is able to get me the required info very quickly”.

Dr. Nelson states, Patty has solved every problem I’ve brought to her.  She is amazing”.

Dr. Crandall states, “She is proactive, extremely patient, flexible and kind, and never too busy to help you with a smile and has been unbelievably helpful when I was trying to negotiate the retirement process at UMBC”.

Several faculty and staff noted how Patty goes above and beyond to ensure that they were paid which is especially important to our many graduate students.  She treats our students with just as much respect as a faculty member.  Many other supportive comments were submitted on Patty’s behalf.  In summary, the Department of Education truly regards Patty as an asset to their department and the UMBC community as a whole.

Patty’s celebration will held in late August so that the entire department can be present to offer their congratulations.

Each recipient will receive a check for $500, a special parking space, one day of administrative leave, a certificate, his/her name on the Employee of the Quarter plaque and an invitation to the annual Service Award Ceremony for all the recipients.


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