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Training and Organization Development

Our Mission

We enhance staff and faculty knowledge and skills with high-quality, accessible training and professional development opportunities to support UMBC’s vision of becoming the best public university of our size dedicated to undergraduate education and research.

We are dedicated to supporting the campus community and being a strategic partner to help other departments meet their objectives.  As a result of these partnerships, our professional development opportunities create a UMBC workplace that is efficient, effective, and a good steward of resources.

Our Vision for Professional Development

The professional development of the staff and faculty at UMBC is important to:

  • make the most of our human talent and potential;
  • inform, educate, and inspire people to reach their professional goals;
  • create a work environment that both challenges and supports people; and
  • accomplish our goals faster and easier, with less stress and more enjoyment.


Our vision for professional development at UMBC is:

The UMBC culture is one that actively supports participation in learning activities and the application of new knowledge and skills on the job.

Professional development is provided in many different, easily accessible ways to accommodate diverse learning styles and needs.

People attending our training programs learn valuable knowledge and skills in ways that enhance learning, retention, and application.

This will create a campus environment where:

Everyone feels engaged in our supportive community and embraces UMBC’s mission of effectively blending high-quality teaching, advanced research, and social responsibility.  Regardless of their role, people understand their contribution to creating a learning environment in which students, faculty, and staff succeed.

We are committed to the health and wellbeing of our faculty, staff, and students; and we co-create an environment that physically, mentally and emotionally sustains us.  We embrace our responsibility to care for our planet by using our natural resources wisely and efficiently.

We are a “place of possibilities” where we are innovative, responsive, and adaptively resilient when faced with challenges and change.

Our colleagues feel welcome and informed, are able to perform their roles effectively, and are excited about UMBC as a place to work.

UMBC is a place where people support one another, create effective solutions, and work through differences with respect and civility.  People throughout the organization excel at collaboration and teamwork.

Those in leadership roles provide excellent management and supervision so that people are high-performing and responsible, are motivated and fulfilled, maximize their potential, and continually learn and grow.

People throughout the university provide leadership in ways that inspire, encourage, and focus energy and resources on the efficient achievement of goals.

February 2009