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Types of Positions

Regular Exempt Positions

All regular exempt positions include a full benefits package. Professional, managerial and executive positions are classified as Exempt on the basis of the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Exempt employees are salaried and not eligible for overtime. All exempt positions require a minimum of a Bachelor's degree. Exempt positions are considered employment at will. (Examples: Coordinators, Directors, Technical Specialists)

Regular Non-Exempt Positions

All regular non-exempt positions include a full benefits package. Service, technical, administrative assistants, clerks, and paraprofessional positions are classified as non-exempt under FLSA and are subject to overtime if required to work beyond a 40 hour workweek. Non-exempt employees serve a mandatory probation period, and receive a salary adjustment upon successful completion of the probation.

Contingent I (Temporary) Employment (Exempt or Non-Exempt)

UMBC employs individuals under a written contract for temporary (six months or less working 20 hours or more per week - may be renewed for an additional six months) or if and when needed (less then 20 hours per week for up to one year) positions, with no promise of renewal. Positions are available mainly in the clerical and administrative areas. Contact the Employment staff at 410-455-2337 to learn more about Contingent I opportunities.

Contingent II (Contractual) Employment (Exempt and Non-Exempt)

Employees hired under a written contract for a position lasting one year, usually working a minimum of 20 hours per week. A limited leave package and employee paid benefits programs are available. Appointments may be renewable.

Grant Funded (Exempt and Non-Exempt)

Employment is contingent upon the renewal of the grant and carries no layoff or reinstatement rights. May be eligible for benefits based on the specifics of the grant.