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Benefits Overview

UMBC offers employees a variety of affordable, competitive, basic, and supplemental health benefit plans with certain coverage available to dependents and domestic partners, as well as retirement and leave benefits. Availability of benefits is based upon eligibility and category of employment. 

UMBC, through the Maryland Department of Budget and Management (DBM), offers a flexible health-related benefits menu which allows employees to choose from a number of options including medical (including vision and mental health), dental, prescription drug, personal accidental death and dismemberment, long term care, and group term life insurance plans. Except for Long Term Care and certain coverage levels of term life insurance, these plans are offered on a pre-tax basis which means that Federal, State and Social Security taxes will not be owed on the amount you contribute for your benefits. 

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New employees have 60 calendar days from their original date of employment to enroll for
any of the benefit programs outlined.  Once enrolled in a benefit option, coverage may not be cancelled or changed until the open enrollment period, unless a Qualifying Event occurs (birth of child, marriage, etc.).

The premiums for each plan are listed in the State’s Benefits Booklet.  Regular employees who enroll in health benefits will have premiums withheld on a bi-weekly basis from their paycheck, mostly before income taxes are applied.  Contingent employees are billed monthly, with all payments post-tax.

The effective date of coverage will be determined by the first available pay period ending date from which your premium deduction(s) can be made following the submission of the completed enrollment form.  Effective dates of coverage are always the 1st of the month or the 16th of the month (as determined by the Department of Budget and Management). 

In instances where coverage must be utilized before deductions are withheld, the employee may elect to pay out-of-pocket for services and then be reimbursed once a retroactive adjustment has been made.  This involves the employee paying the share of the premiums for the missed pay periods up to the effective date of coverage.  The employee must elect to pay for retroactive coverage within the first 60 days of employment or forfeit the right to
retroactive coverage.

Dependents may be covered for all benefit plans up to the end of the month in which they turn 26 years old.  Verification of dependent eligibility is required (marriage certificate for spouse, birth certificates and affidavits for spouse, dependent children, etc.).

Brochures and provider directories for all health plans are available in the Department of Human Resources.

Further information, forms and provider links are available at: