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Performance Management Process

Almost all organizations have some type of structured process for annually evaluating employees and praising performance.  At UMBC we use the Performance Management Process or PMP.

UMBC’s evaluation process is set up so that there are at least three formal meetings during the evaluation period.  The initial meeting involves setting job expectations. Midway during the evaluation period, the midway feedback session is held with the employee.  Finally, at the end of the evaluation period the final appraisal is completed, and the goals and expectations are set for the next evaluation period.

All new employees are to be given their job expectations by their immediate supervisor using the PMP process – it is recommended that this be done during their first week of employment.  The rating period is from April 1 through March 31.  The PMP is an ongoing process for communicating about performance and helping employees achieve excellence in their jobs.

The process involves developing expectations, providing feedback and coaching, goal-setting, evaluation and development planning.  In short, UMBC employees need to know what is expected of them.  By conducting a PMP, the employee should have a clear understanding about:

The essential functions/duties of their job

How job performance will be measured

What doing a job well means

How the employee’s job contributes towards achieving departmental goals and university goals

Identifying barriers to performance and removing them

Professional development opportunities

PMP Forms and Information

If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact Human Resources at 410-455-2337