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Recruitment & Hiring Procedures

Contingent I Positions - Renewal

Renewal of Contingent I Agreement

Individuals working in the If & When Needed (working less than 20 hours per week) status category may have their agreements renewed on an ongoing basis.  There is no limit to the number of times the agreement can be renewed.

Individuals working in a Temporary (20 or more hours per week) status category may have their agreements renewed one time (usually six months).  Individuals may work for a total of a one year period in the Temporary status category. 

Emergency Extension: If an individual in the Temporary (20 or more hours per week) status has completed one year of work and is still needed to continue in the position, you may request an emergency extension. Please contact the Employment Manger to discuss the situation. Emergency extensions are granted in increments of three months.

Hiring Exception

Contingent I Agreements do not require hiring exception approval. 

Submission of Paperwork for Approval
  1. Complete the Contingent I Requisition and Contingent I Agreement forms.

  2. Submit the two page form to Human Resources.
    Note: A resume or application is not needed for renewals.

Human Resources will review the form and sign off.  Once approved, the contact person listed on the form will be notified that the form is ready for pick up. 


Final Steps

After the Form has been Approved by Human Resources

The hiring department will pick up the approved Contingent I form from Human Resources.  The hiring department should keep the original form for their official records.  A copy of the Contingent I form will need to be submitted with the payroll paperwork  (Change PAR for a renewal).

Note:  Please make sure that the title and status of your position number matches the title and status on the Contingent I form prior to submitting the paperwork to Payroll.  Your paperwork will not be able to be processed if the information does not match.