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Recruitment & Hiring Procedures

Contingent I Positions - New

Determining the Appropriate Title for the Position

You will need to determine the appropriate title for the Contingent I position.

Exempt titles and faculty titles should not be used for Contingent I positions. Note: Special permission may be granted by the Employment Manager to use an exempt title in some situations.

You will need to select an appropriate nonexempt title for the position.  The USM Job Specifications list all nonexempt titles.  The job specifications give a brief generic job description and also list the qualifications for the title.  When selecting a job title you will need to take into consideration the job description, the pay range, and the qualifications. 

All individuals hired for Contingent I positions must meet the minimum qualifications for the job title. 

In cases where no other nonexempt title is appropriate, the titles of General Assistant and General Associate may be used. General Associate is typically used for positions that would normally have an exempt title. Please contact the Employment Manager for assistance in selecting the appropriate title. 

Position Number

You will need a position number with a title and status to match the Contingent I agreement.  If you do not already have one in the system, you will need to create a new position number or have an existing number revised to match the title and status.

For information on how to request a position number or change a position number, see Establishing a Position.


Contingent I positions do not require competitive recruitment and do not need to be advertised.  If the hiring department does not know of an individual for the position, recruitment can be done.  A draft advertisement should be sent to Human Resources for approval.  Upon request, Human Resources will post an announcement on the Human Resources website

Please contact the Employment Manager for additional information.

Submission of Paperwork for Approval

Initial Agreement

Submit the appropriate paperwork to Human Resources for approval to hire.

  1. Complete the Contingent I Requisition and Contingent I Agreement forms.

  2. Submit the two page Contingent I form, the Maryland State Background Information Request form, and a copy of the UMBC application form or resume for the individual to be hired to Human Resources.

Human Resources will review the form to assure that an appropriate title and salary are being used based on the duties and qualifcations. In addition, the application/resume will be reviewed to make sure the individual meets the minimum qualifications for the position. Once approved, the contact person listed on the form will be notified that the form is ready for pick up. 

Individuals cannot start work prior to Human Resources signing off on the form.  The start date must be at least one day after the date the form is submitted to Human Resources for approval. 

Final Steps

After the Form has been Approved by Human Resources

The hiring department will pick up the approved Contingent I form from Human Resources.  The hiring department should keep the original form for their official records.  A copy of the Contingent I form (and application/resume if applicable) will need to be submitted with the payroll paperwork.  (New Hire form and corresponding documents for an initial agreement and a Change PAR for a renewal.) See Payroll for more information.

Note:  Please make sure that the title and status of your position number matches the title and status on the Contingent I form prior to submitting the paperwork to Payroll.  Your paperwork will not be able to be processed if the information does not match.

Renewal of Contingent I Agreement

Individuals working in the If & When Needed (working less than 20 hours per week) status category may have their agreements renewed on an ongoing basis.  There is no limit to the number of times the agreement can be renewed.

Individuals working in a Temporary (20 or more hours per week) status category may have their agreements renewed one time (usually six months).  Individuals may work for a total of a one year period in the Temporary status category. 

Procedure for Renewal of Contingent I Agreements