National Science Foundation (NSF) I3

UMBC’s iCubed Project is one of 31 projects funded under the National Science Foundation’s Innovation Through Institutional Integration emphasis. The NSF I3 endeavor challenges institutions, faculty, and administrators to explore how integrating individual NSF awards can create much more than just the sum of the project components.  For details about this NSF initiative and descriptions of all funded I3 projects, including UMBC’s project, visit the National Science Foundation Innovation Through Institutional Integration website at .








Cohort 3 - Please Remember

Your input matters! Please plan to complete the very important iCubed end-of-the-year survey that is will be sent to you electronically during Summer 2014! Thank you.

Spring 2014 - Cohort 3

Team: Active Learning

If it was possible, students on this team who are taking a Spring 2014 mathematics course (MATH 150, 151, 152, 155) should have an Active Learning discussion section held in the CASTLE.

If you didn't receive a blue team t-shirt during Welcome Week, please contact Dr. Felix at to arrange to pick up your shirt.

Team: Faculty Mentoring

All iCubed Faculty Mentors will be reaching out to students during the first few weeks of the Spring 2014 semester to touch base and schedule meetings. Please check your email and respond at your earliest convenience.

Be sure to visit the iCubed Cohort 3: Faculty mentoring at:

Team: Staff Mentoring

Students on this team receive mentoring by a UMBC Professional Staff Advisor during Spring 2014. For more information, contact Ms. Michelle Bulger at or 410.455.5850.

Be sure to visit the iCubed: Mentoring by Professional Staff site at:

Team: Study Groups

Spring 2014 iCubed Study Group Orientations will be held on January 31, February 3, and February 5 during free hour. For more information and to register, please visit:

Dr. Tashauna Felix's Spring 2014 office hours will be held on Wednesdays in the dorms. For a detailed schedule, visit:

Questions should be directed to Dr. Felix at

Congratulations to Xixi Chen, the Fall 2013 iCubed Study Groups Pizza Drawing Winner. The drawing concluded the "30 day Countdown to Final Exams" to rally students to form study groups in preparation for final exams. Thank you to all students who entered the raffle and registered their study groups!

Team: $ UMBC (Green)

Reminders have been sent to students assigned to Team $ who still need to request their $50 UMBC Bookstore gift cards or pick up their ordered gift cards. Be sure to get a green team t-shirt when you visit. For information, contact Dr. Felix at


For Cohort 2 - Thank You!

Your input has been crucial! Many thanks to those of you who participated in the Focus Groups with Dr. Kathleen Dowell last fall. Also, thank you for completing the very important iCubed end-of-the-year surveys that were sent to you electronically last summer. Good luck as you continue your studies!