Criminal Justice

This is a sample set of learning objectives only. Each INDS student chooses a unique combination of courses as part of their degree proposal. See more ยป

Learning Objectives:
As an interdisciplinary student I will take courses from separate fields and disciplines to develop a well rounded perspective on the issues faced by law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. My five objectives are:

1. To develop an understanding of the sociological and psychological perspectives on criminal behavior in society.

  • PSYC 285: Abnormal Psychology
  • PSYC 342: The Psychology of Aggression and Antisocial Behavior
  • SOCY 372: Juvenile Delinquency
  • SOCY 335: Terrorism and Social Violence
  • SOCY 371: Criminology and Penology 
  • CRIM 214: Organized Crime

2. To investigate the relation between family dynamics, immigration issues, societal pressures, and the criminal justice systems. I will be able to incorporate these issues into my Capstone Project contributing to a more interdisciplinary approach to the topic of community policing.

  • PSYC 393A: Parenting
  • SOCY 353: Marriage and the Family
  • SOCY 315: Population and Society
  • SOCY 210: Class and Inequality
  • INDS 430: Global Migrations

3. To understand the issues in the emergency services, especially in the realm of disaster management and strategic operations, as well as to gain valuable insights that can also be incorporated into my Capstone Project to better protect our communities.

  • INDS 410: Interdisciplinary Studies Internship
  • EHS 320: Disaster Management
  • EHS 350: Supervision: EHS Systems

4. To strengthen my leadership abilities and organizational skills by understanding the philosophy and psychology behind management practices and practical applications of problem solving. Also to sharpen my entrepreneurial skills and ambitions.

  • EHS 360: Instructional Issues in EHS
  • ECAD 210: The Practice of Management
  • ENES 200: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

5. To develop an understanding of interdisciplinarity in order to have the ability to approach problems from different perspectives, as well as to improve my writing and research skills.

  • INDS 330: Ways of Knowing
  • INDS 480: INDS Capstone Seminar
  • INDS 490: INDS Capstone Project