Petrovich Lectures

2012 Petrovich Lecture with Film Director Richard Chisolm


On Wednesday February 22nd, 2012 the Interdisciplinary Studies Council of Majors hosted UMBC alumnus Richard Chisolm (who graduated in 1982 with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies) as our guest lecturer for this year's annual Petrovich lecture. 

Mr. Chisolm spoke about his interdisciplinary education at UMBC and about his latest film, Cafeteria Man, which chronicles Chef Tony Geraci's efforts as food director of the Baltimore Public School system to educate school kids about nutrition, food preparation, and locally sourced organic food.

The video clip below highlights the discussion that followed a viewing of the Cafeteria Man film.

2011 Petrovich Lecture with Dr. Kathleen Lynch, Executive Director of the Folger Institute

At the 2011 Petrovich Lecture at UMBC, Dr. Kathleen Lynch describes the interdisciplinary nature of her work as the executive director of the Folger Institute in Washington, D.C. Founded in 1970 as a collaborative endeavour of the Folger Shakespeare Library and two Washington-area universities, the Folger Institute has now grown to a consortium of 41 colleges and universities worldwide. With support from agencies such as the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Institute offers seminars and conferences in fields represented in the Folger Library collections. In its fourth decade, the Folger Institute continues to play a leading role in advancing research and teaching in the humanities.

2010 Petrovich Lecture with Bill Thomas, MD

A graduate of Harvard Medical School, Dr. Thomas created the Eden Alternative to “put forward a radical critique of the status quo in long-term care” and to offer “a creative way to change the culture of nursing homes by bringing growth and laughter into the lives of elders.  The philosophy also called for fundamental changes in the relationship between staff and management.” Dr. Thomas draws upon a variety of perspectives- including the Shakespeare play "King Lear" - to explore views on aging.