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Yohka Tanaka returns from voyage on the Peace Boat


INDS Fall 2013 alum Yohka Tanaka has returned from this round-the-world voyage on the Peace Boat. The Peace Boat is a Japan-based international non-governmental and non-profit organization that works to promote peace, human rights, equal and sustainable development and respect for the environment.

Tanaka gained experience by interpreting for tour guides and guest educators. He says he is now able to hold workshops about issues such as hunger, food sovereignty, and charitable

We are very proud of Yohka's achievements and hope maintains his journey towards success.

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Congratulations to Nicole Fiore!


INDS student Nicole Fiore has awarded The Charlotte Newcombe Foundation Scholarship from The Women's Center. This foundation awards "non-traditional" returning women students for their hard work and ability to break down barriers for adults returning to school.

For more information about The Women's Center please click the link below.

Congratulations Nicole!

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*New* INDS Peer Mentoring Program


Over the years, INDS students have suggested that we have a peer mentoring program. It's not your typical major, and it's nice to hear from someone who's been there: navigated the class schedule, worked with various professors, gotten a degree plan approved, managed work plus school... there's so much you can learn from someone who has already walked a mile through the Fine Arts building. 

If you have an approved degree plan and can commit for one semester, you are eligible to be a mentor! Review the information on our website and complete a Peer Mentor Profile.

If you are new to UMBC and/or INDS, this is a great way to get connected to our community. Complete the Peer Mentee Profile and you will be matched with a mentor.

Questions? Contact Carrie Sauter

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INDS - New Location!


The offices of INDS have moved from the 5th floor of Fine Arts to the lower level. Our phone numbers have stayed the same. Thank you for working with us as we transition to our new space!

Main Office - Room 009
Director Steve Freeland - Room 019
Carrie Sauter - Room 020
Eric Brown - Room 020
Steven McAlpine - Room 021
Samirah Hassan - Room 022
Jill Wrigley - Room 004
Adjunct Faculty - Room 004
Patricia La Noue - Room 005

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Congratulations to INDS Students with Spring 2014 Honors!


INDS congratulates our students who achieved academic honors for Spring 2014!

Semester Academic Honors – 3.5
Danae Bell
Daniel Goodrich
Sharde Hoff
Kelsey Hughes
Kayla Lilly
Stephanie Musselman
Maciej Naszkiewicz
Paul Vanik
Hao Wang
Charra Wudtee

Dean’s List – 3.75
Meagan Bennaman
Brendan Berger
Julianna Brightman
Annette Cappellino
Vivian Chioma *
Wyatt Griffith
Mary Hester *
Madhu Karamsetty
Melanie Keys
Sarah Miller
Shannon Mulcahy
Jack Neumeier
Joyce Ohiri *
Jessey Ortiz
Shyam Patel *
Alyson Stetyick

President’s List – 4.0
Caitlin Box
Emily Eaglin
Nimasha Fernando
Nicole Fiore
Adam Freitag
Samantha Hawkins *
Chana Honick
Maniraj Jeyaraju
Yoo-Jin Kang
Rachel Kelly *
Joseph Kennedy *
Randy Kimery *
Charles Lechner
Himadri Patel
Rosa Rada
Sophia Venero

* Indicates May 2014 Graduate

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INDS student Kelsey Donnellan digs into her major!


Kelsey Donnellan is an education intern working in the Youth Garden. As a
rising senior at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County she is
majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in community health
and nutrition. At UMBC Kelsey co-founded a community garden for the
entire campus community, which serves as a hub for service, academics,
research, artistic performance, and food. Originally from San Jose,
Kelsey looked to Veggielution internship opportunities to root herself
back in the area and create a synergetic relationship with the urban
farm community. While at Veggielution she hopes to engage with children
of all ages, increase understanding of edible perennials, expand her
gardening skills, and improve her Spanish speaking skills. In her free
time she enjoys cooking and reading, and if she could be any vegetable
it would be a radish. 

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Send us your INDS pictures!


INDS would like to create an archive of images for the program and we need your help! Please send us any images you would like to share from any INDS event, meeting, presentation etc. 

These images will be used for future presentations, advertisements and any other promotion.

To see images we currently have please visit our flickr site below!

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Congratulations to Lillian Speaks!


Congratulations to Lillian Speaks for getting into the University of Maryland Law School. We are very proud of you and wish you the best of luck!

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Want to work for the FBI?


The FBI will be on campus on Wednesday recruiting for positions available to all majors.

"The hiring freeze that has prevented the FBI from actively
recruiting on campus has been lifted and they will be on campus to meet
with students from ALL majors in The Commons, Room 331, Wednesday, April 30, 2014.  The FBI is estimating that 2,000 positions will be opening within the next couple of years."

For all open positions click the link.

Good luck!

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Student Success!


Kelsey Donnellan received a URA grant for next year's URCAD! Congratulations!

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