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Join us for a screening of the film ?Connected by Coffee?!


Connected by Coffee is an inspiring and thought-provoking look into the lives and history of the people who grow the coffee we drink. This film serves as a starting point to educate coffee drinkers about the basics of fair trade, coffee rust, going beyond fair trade and moreAND invites the viewer to not only make conscious purchasing decisions, but learn more, dig deeper and get involved.

Followed by a panel discussion featuring:
Casey McKeel (Worker/Owner, Thread Coffee)
Dr. Mandi Caudill (Coffee agroforestry postdoctoral fellow, Smithsonian Institution)
Mark Sieffert (Coffee sector development professional)
Curt Reintsma (Coffee sector development professional)

Coffee will be served following the film! (Provided by Thread Coffee)

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Attention students interested in research and travel!


the International Field Research (IFR) informational session for pizza,
fellowship information, travel opportunities and meet the faculty,
staff and former IFR participants.

The IFR program is a spring semester class in research methods with a
one week field research trip to Switzerland in the summer. Students
write a background paper on their topic, usually comparative research
between the US and Switzerland, and develop field research exercises
that they will conduct in Switzerland.

Date: October 27

Time: 3-4pm


Date: November 19

Time: 4-5pm

Location: Administration Building, Room 218

program includes a preparatory class spring 2015 semester (HAPP/SOCY
403/663) with a focus on qualitative research methods and a week in
Switzerland June 22-28, 2015.  Other countries will be discussed at the informational sessions.

For more information:
Check out the website for brochure, application, testimonials and videos
Join MYUMBC IFR group -
·Contact Katie Birger,, for additional questions

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$tart $mart Salary Negotiation Workshop


You've probably
heard about the wage gap. You know, the part where men and women often
get paid differently for doing the same job? The gap is even bigger for
people of color and people with disabilities. What can you do, besides
wringing your hands and hoping you don't fall in?

to negotiate your salary, that's what! Women Involved in Learning and
Leadership (WILL) along with the Women's Center, GWST, the McNair
Scholars Program, and the Honors College is bringing another edition of
$tart $mart to UMBC. This workshop will help you learn how to ask for
what you're worth, even in this tight job market, and help you avoid one
of the most common pitfalls for new employees: failing to negotiate
that starting salary. Don't let this happen to you!

The workshop will be held November 5 from 5-8 in Sherman Hall B-Wing, Room 220, right next to the International Media Center. Dinner will be provided. Invest in your future today!

Please RSVP to Ruken Isik at by Friday, October 31.

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Way to go Todd Carter!


Todd Carter, December 2009 graduate,Spatial Aspects of Emergency and Disaster
, has been
working part time as a Rehab Technician at a local hospital, taking classes
part time at Montgomery College for his physical therapy assistants
certificate, and  is involved with his
local running club as a coach, race director, and race management staff.

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Interested in Astrobiology?


course is a combination of physics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, and
Earth (planetary) sciences. If you want to learn about the discovery of
planets orbiting other stars (“exoplanets”), the chemistry of space, the origin
and evolution of life on Earth, or habitable environments within our solar
system this course is for you!

are no pre-requisites for this course so hurry and register! If you have taken
physics, biology, or chemistry previously this course will be complementary.

contact Dr. Stephen Freeland at


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Volunteers Needed for INDS Research Study


INDS student Kelsey Donnellan is in search of research participants for her study on effective nutrition-based interventions for college students. Participants will be asked to complete two 3-day food journals and participate in an independent 4-week intervention. All participants will receive a Garden Guide and a recipe book for their time. Please contact Kelsey at 408-644-0473 or

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Spring 2015 Class Registration


Spring 2015 advising and registration will be occurring soon! Before you
can register, you must be electronically
cleared by an advisor and receive
any advance permissions for particular classes, especially INDS classes.

your INDS advisor to arrange an appointment. Many advisors in INDS are
not meeting with students until AFTER the Spring 2015 schedule goes live
on Monday, October 27. Unsure who your advisor is? Email Ms. Sauter -

You have a pre-determined time to register based on the number of credits you have
earned; it does not include the credits you are taking this semester: Spring 2015 Registration Appointments

The Winter
class schedule is online. Any student can register for winter session
advising clearance starting Monday, October 27. However, you are strongly
encouraged to
with your advisor about winter course ideas, especially if you want to take them
at another school. The
maximum number of credits you can take in Winter is 4.5 credits (1 academic course and a physical education course).

Your To-Do List:

- Make an appointment with your INDS advisor.
- Check to see when you can register online. Spring 2015 Registration Appointments
- Review the winter and spring schedules and prepare your list of course preferences with back-up options.  Winter and Spring schedules:
- Check your degree audit online. When making your course list, consider
your general graduation requirements and things you want to take for your

If you
have a second major, scholar program, or following a pre-health guideline, make
arrangements to see an advisor from that department. Pre-Health Students, see this link:

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Alumni House Looking for Student Help!


UMBC's Alumni House is looking for several students to work as Phonathon Assistants! Easy pay, evening hours on campus, contacting alums of UMBC soliciting financial support. And as INDS majors, you would be directly calling INDS alums! You would share your enthusiasm for UMBC and INDS, and hearing about their experiences as a student! This is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience in public relations, communications and marketing.

Click here for more information and the online application!

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Open House Success!


It was great seeing everyone come to chat with us about INDS! We hope to see everyone more and more during the semester.

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Yohka Tanaka returns from voyage on the Peace Boat


INDS Fall 2013 alum Yohka Tanaka has returned from this round-the-world voyage on the Peace Boat. The Peace Boat is a Japan-based international non-governmental and non-profit organization that works to promote peace, human rights, equal and sustainable development and respect for the environment.

Tanaka gained experience by interpreting for tour guides and guest educators. He says he is now able to hold workshops about issues such as hunger, food sovereignty, and charitable

We are very proud of Yohka's achievements and hope he maintains his journey towards success.

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Congratulations to Nicole Fiore!


INDS student Nicole Fiore has awarded The Charlotte Newcombe Foundation Scholarship from The Women's Center. This foundation awards "non-traditional" returning women students for their hard work and ability to break down barriers for adults returning to school.

For more information about The Women's Center please click the link below.

Congratulations Nicole!

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*New* INDS Peer Mentoring Program


Over the years, INDS students have suggested that we have a peer mentoring program. It's not your typical major, and it's nice to hear from someone who's been there: navigated the class schedule, worked with various professors, gotten a degree plan approved, managed work plus school... there's so much you can learn from someone who has already walked a mile through the Fine Arts building. 

If you have an approved degree plan and can commit for one semester, you are eligible to be a mentor! Review the information on our website and complete a Peer Mentor Profile.

If you are new to UMBC and/or INDS, this is a great way to get connected to our community. Complete the Peer Mentee Profile and you will be matched with a mentor.

Questions? Contact Carrie Sauter

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INDS - New Location!


The offices of INDS have moved from the 5th floor of Fine Arts to the lower level. Our phone numbers have stayed the same. Thank you for working with us as we transition to our new space!

Main Office - Room 009
Director Steve Freeland - Room 019
Carrie Sauter - Room 020
Eric Brown - Room 020
Steven McAlpine - Room 021
Samirah Hassan - Room 022
Jill Wrigley - Room 004
Adjunct Faculty - Room 004
Patricia La Noue - Room 005

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