Step 2: Defining your Learning Objectives

Place your courses into "categories" that become your "learning objectives."
For an idea of proper layout, make sure you look at the samples we have provided. 

Begin the section with, "In order to obtain my long range goals, I intend to:"

Number each objective and begin each statement with a strong action verb.
Vary the verbs. Examples: study, explore, investigate, examine, evaluate, differentiate, assess.

After each statement, list the course prefix, number, and official title as printed in the undergraduate catalog. Examples: MGMT 210: The Practice of Management SOCY 349: The Sociology of Religion 

Your last learning objective is your INDS coursework. It is standard across all INDS proposals and should read:

"Gain an understanding of the interdisciplinary process and apply it to my Capstone Project. INDS 330 Ways of Knowing, INDS 430 Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar, INDS 410 Internship (optional), INDS 400 Independent Study (optional), INDS 480 Capstone Project Seminar, INDS 490 Capstone Project."

You can view sample learning objectives for a variety of INDS degree plans by clicking here.