Step 3: Background Information

Tell us a little about who you are, but, make sure you answer the following questions

  • Why did you choose UMBC? 
  • Why Interdisciplinary Studies versus another major?
  • What do you want the committee to know about you? 
  • Do you have another major, or are you planning to complete a minor or certificate?
  • Was there someone or a particular experience that has inspired you to pursue this degree?

*A note on writing style
Remember that this is a legal document in which you are making a case for an individualized plan of study at a university. Our faculty committee reads your essays very carefully and expects your style and grammar to be excellent. Avoid slang or a conversational tone (remember, this is not an email!).

Examples of proposals passed with commendation (degree proposals that faculty agreed were particularly well written) are available in the INDS office. Make an appointment with your academic advisor to view the examples (for reasons of confidentiality we do not allow copies of proposals to be made).