Step 6: Capstone Project

Write out your idea for the final project you will complete in your last semester before graduation.

Your project should be a focused idea related to your proposal topic and should integrate two or more learning objectives. Consider why an interdisciplinary approach is important to your topic. You will be formulating this idea even further when you are in the one credit INDS 480 Capstone Project Seminar. If you are stuck on ideas, it might help to meet with each faculty advisor individually to brainstorm potential projects.

Please address the following key questions in your capstone description:

  1. Clearly describe the topic and its complexity. 
  2. What is your hypothesis or what are your research questions? 
  3. What are the key disciplinary perspectives that will be included in your literature review? 
  4. Is data available? 
  5. What are some initial findings from the data? 
  6. What is your research methodology? 
  7. How is your capstone interdisciplinary?