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Current Students FAQ



How can I find out when the semester starts and ends, when graduation is held, deadlines, and other important dates?
Check the UMBC Academic Calendar.

When and what is the UMBC Training Forum? 
Click here for a detailed description.


When can I register for classes?
Check the Registar's website.

When is the deadline for registering for classes?
It is advisable to register as soon as possible to get the course(s) you want. New students must be admitted before they can register. Please check the Registar's website.

How can I find out what classes are being offered each semester?
Check the ISD program Course Schedule on the ISD program website.


Who is my advisor?
The Associate Director is Dr. Chuck Hodell; he is the advisor for all ISD-TS students. He can be reached at Click Here for the advising page with the Academic Planning Form.

How do I know what courses to take each semester for the certificate program?
Each certificate program requires four courses and no electives. Students should take the courses listed on the ISD website. Click Here to learn more about the Advising procedure.

How do I know what courses to take each semester for the ISD-TS Master’s program?
The Master's program has 7 required courses and 5 electives courses. A variety of factors should be considered when choosing electives, such as the student's career goals and professional interests. Students should consult with Dr. Hodell concerning their choice of electives. A listing of the required and electives courses can be found here.

When are the required courses offered?
Courses are offered in the Fall, Spring and Summer. All of the required courses except 771 (602, 603, 605, 671, 792T, 794) are offered every Fall, Spring and Summer semester. Check the ISD program Course Schedule on the ISD program website for mode of delivery each semester.

Does the program accept transfer credits?  What is process and criteria for transferring credit?
Yes, a maximum of 6 credits (2 courses) may be transferred into UMBC from other schools. The course must be the equivalent of a UMBC course, or as an elective, fit into the student's career plans. The course must be at the graduate level, must have been taken less than five years ago, and may not have been used to earn another degree. Additional criteria and the process to transfer credits can be found on the Graduate School website. All 12 hours (4 courses) taken at UMBC for the graduate certificates in ISD can be applied towards the Master's degree.


How do I register for classes?
All ISD students must first complete the advising process for authorization to register. Then register for classes online through MyUMBC. Please check the Registrar's website for details. 

I am a student in the Master's/certificate program.  I do not plan to take any courses in the upcoming semester.  What do I need to do?
Please visit the Graduate School website for details. You should notify Renee Eisenhuth, Program Coordinator at if you plan to not enroll. All students should contact Renee prior to the semester they plan to return in order to follow the proper administrative steps with the Graduate School.

Problems Registering - Academic Integrity
The Graduate School requires ALL graduate students who have been admitted to a program (Certificate or Master's) to complete the Academic Integrity Tutorial found on the UMBC Blackboard Site. Failure to complete the tutorial and pass the test will result in your registration being blocked for future terms. Information and instructions for completing the tutorial can be found here.

Problems Registering

Occasionally you may experience problems with registration. If you receive the "not authorized" message, please check your authorization e-mail to ensure you are trying to enroll in the correct section. You may get a message that states you are "academically ineligible," or "not admitted to University" and other error messages. Please contact Renee Eisenhuth at for assistance if you have any questions.


How can I get a copy of the course syllabus?
Faculty members usually make their course syllabus available to students on the first day of class. You may also contact Renee Eisenhuth, Program Coordinator at

I see that the Master's program has a required internship.  How does that work?
This Master's program emphasizes applied learning. It is important for students to be able to apply what they have learned in a professional setting. Given that, the internship can be completed in two ways. The first is for the student to complete a traditional internship where they report to and work at the sponsoring organization's workplace. The second way to complete the internship is to choose an internship project that can be completed using more of an independent consulting approach. Using this approach, students would meet with clients to map out the goals and specific deliverables for the internship. Students may have periodic meetings with the client organization, but would not be required to perform the work on-site. Students will be required to draft an internship proposal which describes what they will do, the project deliverables and method of evaluation. The internship proposal is subject to approval by the client organization and Dr. Williams.

I am a full-time employee.  How can I complete the internship without quitting my job or taking leave?
As described above, students can complete the internship by choosing a project that can be completed using an independent consulting approach. Using this approach, students meet with the client to map out the goals and specific deliverables of the internship. A student may have periodic meetings with the client organization, but are not required to perform the work on-site. 

What's the difference between the Internship (EDUC 792T) and the Final Project Seminar (EDUC 794)?
The Final Project Seminar course (EDUC 794) is a capstone course where students complete a comprehensive project that ties together things that they have learned throughout the program. The internship course (EDUC 792T) is an opportunity for students to gain either initial or additional experience with a live client organization. This is done by completing a project that will be delivered to the client at the end of the course. The project or assignment(s) for the internship do not have to be as comprehensive in scope as the Final Project Seminar course. For further details, check the syllabus for each course. 


How many credits are required for graduation?
36 credits.

What is the comprehensive exam?
The comprehensive exam is a graduation requirement, for those admitted to the Master's degree prior to fall 2012, that is in addition to completing your coursework. It is an open book, take-home, case study exam that is done over the course of one weekend. The exam assesses a number of theories, concepts, strategies and applications that are covered throughout the program. Please click here to see the next available date.

What is the portfolio?
The professional portfolio is a graduation requirement, for those admitted to the Master's degree beginning with the fall 2012 semester, that is in addition to completing your coursework. It is to provide students an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned in their coursework and the program. Please view the Graduation Information page for additional information on the portfolio.

I am finishing all my coursework soon.  What do I need to do to apply for graduation?  
Please check the Graduate School website for details on paperwork to be completed and the deadlines for each semester. In addition to the Graduate School deadlines, the comprehensive exam or portfolio must be completed in the semester you take your final coursework. Students will need to submit to the ISD program staff the application for the Comprehensive Exam by the same date you submit your diploma application. View the Graduation Information page for additional information.


How do I get a UMBC e-mail account? Do I need one to register?
Students are required to establish a UMBC e-mail address in order to register.  You will need your campus ID and date of birth to create an account.  Go to:

How does the ISD Program communicate with the students?
The ISD Current Students mailing list is the primary method of communication with students. It is an e-mail distribution list where important information for current students is regularly distributed. Student's UMBC e-mail address will be added to the current students list at the start of the semester.  Besides receiving important information about the ISD program, students also receive pertinent information regarding the semester, events and special meetings.   If you have another e-mail account that you use frequently, your UMBC e-mail can forwarded to the mail account of your choice.  Visit the Personal Profile section of MyUMBC and click on "mail forwarding address."

What is Blackboard?
Blackboard is the learning platform that UMBC uses for online and hybrid (combination face-to-face and online).  To log in, visit To learn more, view the Blackboard help section.


ISD Training Systems Program
Dr. Greg Williams, Graduate Program Director

Dr. Chuck Hodell, Associate Director and Advisor

Renee Eisenhuth, Program Coordinator

For questions relating to domestic MS applicants
Kathie Nee

For questions relating to international applicants
Kathy Ruth

For questions relating to Certificate and Non-Degree applicants

Scott Phillips