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Instructional Systems Development


Internship Opportunities


BioTech Primer’s Description for E-Learning Internship

Intern’s Purpose: To contribute to the vision and strategic development of BioTech Primer’s next generation of e-learning business.


Main Responsibilities

1. To help devise, design and build or commission more robust e-learning solution to further BioTech Primer’s online training offerings.

2. To help liaise with clients on their e-learning goals and activities.

3. To assist in the development and delivery of e-learning services/ products.

4. To help ensure and carry out suitable quality assurance measures on the output of the e-learning services/product offered.

5. To contribute to decisions and plans regarding the long-term strategic goals of BioTech Primer’s e-learning services/products.


Knowledge and Skills Needed for the Internship

1. Working towards a degree in Instructional Systems Development design.  

2.  Understanding of current and emerging issues and trends in e-learning theory, research and practice.

3. Understanding of information system design, programming, implementation and management.

3. Excellent communication skills (written and verbal).


Stacey Franklin