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Instructional Systems Development


Internship Opportunities

BOS Internship Program Model

BOS (Business Operations)

The Health Care industry is one of the United States major growth industries for new jobs and opportunities.  The Center for Medicare & Medicade Services (CMS) under the Federal Health and Human Services Department is responsible for managing the national Medicare and Medicade programs.  The Business Operations (BOS) works with national Medicare programs.


BOS’s training department develops national training materials for the Medicare program and plan providers.  Training can include self-paced interactive web-based training, in-person training, webinars or video conferences.  The training developer works with subject matter experts (SME) to conduct needs assessments, develop training materials including job aids and to evaluate the effectiveness of all trainings and training materials.



BOS is interested in partnering with local universities to provide a professional learning environment and an on-the-job training opportunity for an Instructional Design Graduate student. 


This unpaid internship will provide an intern the opportunity to work in the health care industry and learn the skills necessary to develop national training materials for the federal government. 


Internship Learning Objectives

The intern will participate in a 4 to 12 month unpaid internship program.  The internship will help the student:

  • Develop communication skills by working with subject matter experts to research and develop training programs
  • Create a technology based training environment using Adobe Connect  Pro 9 webinar technology
  • Develop and conduct virtual training sessions
  • Develop a comprehensive Curriculum Design Document including time line and learning objectives
  • Write curriculum content materials in cooperation with subject matter experts
  • Develop training using the web authoring tool, Adobe Captivate
  • Develop curriculum using the Ruth Clark information ISD model
  • Design practice exercises and tests
  • Develop an evaluation tool to assess training effectiveness
  • Develop surveys using survey monkey
  • How to make materials 508 compliant


Internship Work plan

The following is the internship work plan:


Time line

Internship Tasks

Week 1

  • Orientation to the Medicare System and BOS.
  • Meet with BOS instructional designer to review curriculum development assignment
  • Review the BOS curriculum development process using the ADDIE model (The five phases of instructional design — Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation)

Week 2

  • Receive training on the Adobe Webinar Technology
  • Receive training on the Adobe Captivate Technology
  • Review previous BOS training materials
  • Review the BOS curriculum development process
  • Contact subject matter experts and set up webinar to discuss learning content

Week 3 and 4

  • Use webinar technology to conduct SME working group meetings
  • Work with subject matter experts to identify learning objectives and content
  • Work with subject matter experts to identify tasks needed to complete training
  • Work with subject matter experts to assign action items and tasks to complete training material
  • Develop time line with subject matter experts
  • Develop curriculum development design document

Week 5 – 8

  • Write curriculum materials and submit for SME approval
  • Develop PowerPoint presentation and submit for SME approval
  • Develop quizzes and submit for SME approval

Week 9 - 12

  • Using the approved PowerPoint presentation develop training materials using Adobe Captivate
  • Develop Quizzes using Adobe Captivate quiz manager
  • Record Audio
  • Insert Closed Captioning
  • Publish swf file to Adobe Connect
  • Pilot Test training project

Week 13 – 14

  • Review pilot test and revise training as needed
  • Develop evaluation instrument to assess effectiveness
  • Post evaluation instrument to web and analyze results

Week 15-16

  • Develop evaluation report of training product


Internship Evaluation Process

Interns will be subject to an evaluation (subject matter experts will be included in the evaluation) and will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Communication Skills
    • Demonstrates oral communication skills required for the job
    • Writes clearly and concisely
    • Listens to feedback and works to improve performance
    • Is willing to speak up, communicate information and ask questions


  • Problem-Solving/Decision-Making Skills
    • Analyzes curriculum design project and takes appropriate action
    • Offers creative solutions to problems
    • Collects and analyzes content information relevant to completing curriculum materials
    • Resolves problems in an appropriate time frame


  • Teamwork (working with subject matter experts)
    • Establishes rapport and credibility among team members
    • Shares information and resources with others
    • Assists and cooperates with co-workers


  • Self-Management
    • Produces high-quality accurate work
    • Seeks new strategies when current approach is not effective
    • Displays good judgment and establishes priorities
    • Uses time efficiently
    • Demonstrates ethical behavior
    • Arrives on time and maintains agreed hours


  • Initiative
    • Seeks opportunities to learn
    • Takes initiative to get a job done, even if not specifically told to do so
    • Acts decisively on critical issues
    • Overcomes obstacles and problems
    • Sets and communicates goals; follows up with results


  • Technical Skills
    • Possesses the technical skills required for this position
    • Is willing to learn new skills and enhance existing technical skills
    • Uses appropriate technology for tasks
    • Uses technology to perform effectively


Interested applicants should contact Martha Edmonds. Phone (410) 786-3183