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Instructional Systems Development


Meet Our Students


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Meet Dionne McMillian Thorne

Why did you decide to study Instructional Systems Design?
I was a high school teacher. I was interested in enhancing my teaching skills and in turn improving student learning.

What special feature made you choose the UMBC ISD-Program?
I was concerned about the level of commitment required to pursue a Master’s degree. The UMBC course options gave me the sense I could balance family, school and job obligations. I was also intrigued to learn that the courses are taught by practitioners who have real-world experience and the curriculum is designed to build skills. Additionally, the course work and projects can immediately be applied on the job.

What is one course you recommend a student to take? Why?
I would recommend students take the Adult Learner [EDUC 605] course. I learned a lot about myself. In particular, I learned how my life experiences shaped my teaching philosophy. This course helped me recognize and understand how adults learn. Through this course I was able to reevaluate how I develop courses for learners. Providing the proper instruction is essential.

What advice would you give to a prospective student about the ISD Program?
The UMBC ISD-Program helps sharpen and develop skills. The courses challenge ideas and views about instructional design. Take in everything your instructors and classmates offer. I learned so much from them.

Describe a pivotal moment in your life that has helped define your chosen career path.
I chose a career in education because I wanted to give back to others. I believe everyone is entitled to a good education. I feel I have a responsibility to help those who were not given the same opportunities as me.

What are your career goals? What is your dream job?
Currently, I work as an Instructional Designer at a community college. I would like to move into a position where I can help shape education policy and provide instruction aimed at teaching standards.

Who inspires you the most in your life? Why?
My family. My parents instilled in me the value of an education. My husband and daughter support my desire to continue my education and help others receive a high-quality education.