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ISD Now Forum


This session examined the effects that new technologies, worldwide collaboration, bring-your-own-device and social media have on how people learn and work. We explored how the role of the L&D department can support these changes and get ahead of the curve rather than trailing behind.

We explored:

  • How changes in culture and technology affect the learning ecosystem.
  • How the current and future workforce members can learn with new approaches to technology.
  • The new roles and skills that will be required by Learning and Development professionals.


What is the ISD Now Forum?

Here's a snippet of what audience members have to say.

The ISD Now Forum is an event, free to the community, that provides an opportunity for individuals working or interested in training, education, business, government and the non-profit sector to share ideas and dialogue on topics of importance. Part of UMBC's mission is to provide service. We take pride in our partnerships with employers and other organizations in the community, and are able to give back with events like the ISD Now Forum. In many instances, we have panels of experts discussing topics related to business, organizational productivity and workplace learning and performance. Other topics center around issues related to human performance improvement, training and employee development, improving individual and organizational effectiveness and other related subjects.

Archived photo albums/videos from past ISD Now Forums:

isd now forum

ISD Now Forum with Dr. Chuck Hodell

October 23, 2013


ISD Now Forum with Thiagi

October 4, 2012


ISD Now Forum with Steve Sugar & Dr. Linda Raudenbush

March 6, 2012


ISD Now Forum with Curtis Bonk

October 6, 2011


ISD Now Forum with David Mallon

October 20, 2010


ISD Now Forum with

Tony Bingham

September 24, 2009


ISD Now Forum with Micheal Marquardt

April 2, 2009


ISD Now Forum with

Dr. Ruth Clark

October 16, 2008


ISD Now Forum with Thiagi

April 28, 2008


View videos of past ISD Now Forums

Steve Sugar & Dr. Linda Raudenbush

Curtis Bonk

David Mallon

Tony Bingham

Dr. Michael Marquardt's Action Learning

Dr. Ruth Clark's Leveraging The Virtual Classroom for Effective Learning

Thiagi's, Rapid Instructional Design, Cheaper, Faster, Better

Forums are held twice a year in mid-fall and mid-spring, and are always in the evenings. These events are sponsored by the ISD-Training Systems Graduate Program.