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  • Dr. Charles Bieberich
    Department of Biological Sciences
  • Dr. David Eisenmann
    Department of Biological Sciences



SI Leaders

Kruti Vyas
Nikaela Bryan

     My name is Nikaela Bryan and I am a junior Biochemistry major and a Dance minor. I aspire to work and conduct research for a pharmaceutical company as a toxicologist.

I took Genetics during the Fall of 2013 with Dr. Wagner and Dr. Miler. I have used SI for my intro bio classes to, not only understand, but also get a different perspective on the class material. I love genetics and connecting material taught in lecture to real life applications in research labs.


As an SI leader, I plan to help students feel confident in knowing both the material and the real life practical applications behind the course.




Mon. 2:00-2:50pm

SHER 145
Thurs. 3:00-3:50pm
SOND 202

Victor Lewis

Victor Lewis

      My name is Victor Lewis and I am a senior Biological Sciences major on the Pre-Med track. I hope to one day become a Neurosurgeon. I have taken Bio 302, Genetics, during the Fall of 2012 with both Dr. Wagner and Dr. Farabaugh. In my spare time I work at a private neurosurgical practice, which has broadened my perspective of the entire field of Neurosurgery.


     Genetics has served as one of my favorite BIO courses to take here at UMBC, but I did experience many of the same challenges that current students are facing. As a former participant of SI I have been privileged to experience great leaders who helped me tremendously with the course. As a new SI leader I plan on bringing my prior experience of being a student in need of help to sharpen my approach and activities performed during my sessions. 




Tues. 5:00-5:50pm

ITE 229

Wed. 11:00-11:50am

PAHB 123

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