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The Alert Program


Below are the steps for accessing your class lists, and submitting your alerts. If you encounter problems, please refer to the "reminders" at the end of this training document.

  • STEP 1: Sign into your MyUMBC account
  • STEP 2: Click on "Topics." Then, click on "Faculty Center."
  • STEP 3: Click on "First Year Intervention Reporting"First Year Intervention Reporting
  • STEP 4: The classes in which you have FYI eligible students will appear with a list of those students in view. You must complete and submit these lists.
  • STEP 5: After clicking on the students who will receive Alerts, you have several options:

You will be able to return and send additional Alerts from 2/19 to 3/31. You can send Alerts anytime and multiple times until then. If you would rather wait before sending your Alerts, you may leave the page and your data will be saved automatically.


Remember, once you click on "Complete" for any individual class or "Complete All" for all of your classes, Alerts will no longer be available to send for that class or those classes, respectively. Please do not use this function until the due date 3/31 just in case you may want to send Alerts sometime during the FYI cycle. Your Alerts page will automatically close on 3/31

Remember, you can send Alerts multiple times as long as you do not click on "Complete" or "Complete All."

Remember, if you want to delay sending Alerts you can leave the page and your selections will be saved automatically.

Remember, you can send Alerts to any student in any class (FYI eligible or not) by clicking on "Show all students" to see your entire class roster.

If you cannot access your class lists

  • Look for pop-up blockers and allow access.
  • You may be using a browser that has not been updated. You can contact the OIT desk for assistance.
  • You may not have been cleared to access. Contact fyi@umbc.edu for clearance.

Thank you very much for your participation in and support of the FYI program as we build a new infrastructure that will support expansion to new populations; provide a user friendly interface with departments, faculty, and staff; and improve efficiency for all involved.

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