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The International Teaching Assistants Program is an orientation and instructional program for prospective International Teaching Assistants (ITAs). The Learning Resources Center, in conjunction with the Graduate School, and the Office of International Education Services conducts an annual workshop that takes place in mid-August. ITAs are given the opportunity to obtain housing, social security cards, bank accounts, and other essential arrangements before the start of the semester.

Prospective ITAs are assessed for their oral English proficiency in order to assume classroom duties. (ITAs sign up for this assessment during the week of the workshop.) The ITA test consists of a brief interview, mock lesson presentation, class announcement, and a mock question-and-answer session. The ITA assessment is also administered in mid-January for those ITAs being considered for teaching positions for the Spring semester.

During the academic year, LRC 115 Advanced Diction is offered for ITAs who scored a 2+ or above on the ITA Test. This class is designed for students who have good basic communication skills, and need to refine their pronunciation and academic presentation skills. LRC 115 also includes work on teaching: teaching styles, learning styles, lesson planning and presentation, and dealing with students in class and out of class. Students practice teaching by presenting lessons to the class. These lessons are videotaped and reviewed with each student by the instructor. LRC 115 is offered during both the fall and spring semesters.

Those ITAs who score 2 or below on the ITA Test are referred to foundation English classes through the English Language Institute (ELI). While there is a fee for these classes, taking them is required by the University and is recommended for eventually passing the ITA Test, as well as improving language skills for success at an American university.

Frequently Asked Questions about ITAP.

For information about the ITA Program, contact John Rollins.

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