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LRC Placement Testing

LRC's Placement Tests are designed to help you and your advisor choose your first classes at UMBC. There are three different tests: Math, English, and Reading.


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The Math Placement Test consists of an Algebra test and a PreCalculus test. All students who take the Math Placement test are required to take the Algebra test, but only those who want to enroll in Calculus 1, Math 151, in their first semester should take the PreCalculus test. These tests were chosen by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics to ensure that students start at a level where they will be successful.


The Math Placement Test covered the following topics:

Algebra Portion
PreCalculus Portion
Arithmetic of rational numbers Geometry and measurement
Operations with algebraic expressions Graphs of functions
Linear equations and inequalities Word problems and modeling
Factoring and algebraic functions Concept formation
Exponents and radicals Numerical awareness
Graphing and distance Exponents and logarithms
Fractional equations Exponential functions
Quadratic equations Equations and factoring
Inequalities Funtional notation
Absolute values Inequalities
Systems of equations Absolute value


Sample Placement Math Test (pdf)

The English Placement Test determines your placement in an English composition course. You may only take the English placement test once every calendar year, and the score and placement decision are not subject to appeal. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your writing strengths through two multiple choice quizzes and an essay.

The Reading Placement Test consists of reading passages and then questions the student's understanding of the material.  It assesses each student's reading comprehension and helps determine if the student is reading at a college level.

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