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Christina Ralls Art History

Christina Ralls ’07, imaging and digital arts, recently completed a public art project that allowed her to dive into her family history and tell a story about one of the most turbulent moments in Baltimore’s recent history. UMBC Magazine asked her to share that experience:


Andre Gudger Center of Attention

Ask Andre Gudger ’99, information systems management, how he recalls his undergraduate years at UMBC, and he sums it up in a single word: “intense.”

Gudger remembers a swirl of study and ambition at the core of his college experience.


Gustavo Matheus Fund-Amental Leader

Over the past decade, Gustavo Matheus ’90, biological sciences, has demonstrated his pride in UMBC in a most tangible way: helping to persuade his fellow alumni to give back to the university.

Now UMBC is giving something to Matheus: its 2009 Outstanding Alumni Award for Distinguished Service to the university and it’s alumni.


pedal power Pedal Power

Two weeks after completing a grueling bicycle race that ran from Oceanside, Calif. to Annapolis, Adam Driscoll ’04, information systems, is still waiting for sensation to return to his fingertips.

The other member of the winning team, Patrick Blair ’03, computer science, is also a UMBC alumnus. The two men met when they were runners on UMBC’s varsity track team.


Deborah Randall Venus, If You Will

Many theatre companies are born out of a mixture of inspiration and frustration. Take The Venus Theatre in Laurel, for instance.

When its founder, Deborah Randall ’94, theatre, graduated from UMBC, she pursued a career as a playwright and a performer in Washington, D.C. Like many recent graduates, Randall had a desire to succeed in a challenging profession.